Just saw the dates for the MNSSHP posted. Thought for sure they would start Sept 29th, but the first day is Monday, Oct 2. Has anyone heard otherwise? The disney website has the park closing early (6pm) on Friday, 9/29? Why would that be?


Oh no, I thought it was starting the 29th also (our last day there). I have already talked DH into going and that took some talking. May have been a waste of time and energy now.


That link shows Sept 29 as the first night of the party!


Thanks, that is a relief.


when do tickets go on sale? I looked under special event tickets and only saw the gospel night tickets.


I have been wondering the samething. I have heard the end of April, June and July.


The tickets for MNSSHP went on sale in may last year. I can’t remember the exact dates, but I know it was may.