When will tickets be made available for purchase?


Probably sometime in May.


I keep watching…and watching…and watching! :mickey:


In regards to MNSSHP… do you all eat before the event or during? I don’t want to miss anything by eating while it is going on, so if anyone has a suggestion, I would love it!


We always go to LTT for dinner and then to MNSSHP. :mickey:


I ate at the park before the party started. I got there super early to avoid bottle necks. The tickets should go on sale some time in May. That’s when they went on sale last year.


We’re planning on eating at LTT before MNSSHP. We’ve never done it and we’re very excited. Palmickey, can you tell us about your experiences at LTT -> MNSSHP? Do they make the meal fit the Halloween theme in special ways? How did it work out time-wise for you?


IWe will also be doing LT T before MNSSHP. Remember, you can get into the park E/ your MNSSHP ticket starting @ 4pm. We’re looking at eating around 4:30-5 so we can be done & reqdy to go around 6-6:30, head to tomorrowland to get ourpics taken, then to toontown for trick-or-treating!!
Remember, you can’t book LTT past 5ish until the tickets go on sale, so keep watching!!!