Just purchased our tickets to the MNSSHP for 10/5. We’re going to be there 9/30-10/9. The CM was trying to sell me another night as well saying it’s that great!

Is it worth it to spend another $113? Or is one night enough. We’re staying at the Poly so we’ll be able to see the fireworks the other 2 nights.


I think it is so worth it… the parade is amazing, and the fireworks are awesome… good luck with deciding.


Last year when I went I had a fabulous time. I dressed up at Dorthy and my designated disney going friend was Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) and we really had a fantastic time. There was a lot of energy from the cast members and the parade was great, the fireworks were cool, and characters, I’ve never seen so many.

If you like A LOT of candy, and A LOT of characters then go for it and get another night. I love the characters so if I had the chance and the extra money, I’d go a second night. Maybe not back to back but I’d do it.

Enjoy your vacation and let us know what you decide.


I wouldn’t go another night,especially since you’ll see the fireworks from the Poly.


I honestly think one night is enough. If you don’t have plans for a night and don’t mind spending another $113, then go for it. I don’t think it’s necessary though.


We went twice last year. There was sooooo much to see and do. The reason we decided to go twice was one of the days we went was 10/31. Thinking that it would be super crowded, we decided to go on Friday 10/28 also. Too be honest the Friday 10/28 was more crowded than 10/31. Maybe because 10/31 was a Monday night and a alot of the local Florida residents went home after the fireworks. Anyhow I am glad we went twice. But since you are going ealier one night might be OK. We are going this year also, but only one night. We will be there 9/28 to 10/5.


Thanks everyone! I’ve decided to go for the one night only. The $113 can buy my DD and DS alot of souvenirs.


We went twice last year, one day we spent most of it seeing the sights and visiting with the characters, the other night we spent a lot of time trick ‘or’ treating. It was great! :mickey:


I would definately go for it!


If we could have gone twice in the one trip we would have! Both times we’ve been and it’s never really been over crowded, the fireworks were amazing and there where characters all over the place, some great photo opourtunitys for the big and little kids!


what is “MNSSHP”?


Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

This would be as contrasted with Mickey’s Give-You-A-Coronary Halloween Party, which was discontinued because it worked. :laugh:

made that up