Does anyone know if any of the “counter service” restaurants will be open for MNSSHP? I know that Tony’s & The Liberty Tree full service restaurants are open, but we’d prefer one of the other ones (Columbia Harbor House, cosmic Rays, Pinocchio Village) to eat at that night.


When we went Oct 2005 Cosmic RAys, columbia Harbor House and Peco’s Bills were all open. We had such a great time at MNSSHP. It was the weekend of hurricane Wilma and she scared all the crowds away! We felt like we had the park to ourselves! I hope y’all have a great time!!!


They were all open when we went in Oct 2005. Casey’s was also open, as we stopped to have hot dogs on the way out of the park LOL


I know this is slightly off topic (since you were asking about counter services), but…

Carol’s going to a year-round school in July, so we’ll get three weeks fall break. While we can’t afford it this year, I’m thinking either next or the year after that we’ll be going to MNSSHP. of course, if I could just get a job at WDW, we’d go every day…

Sorry for threadjacking slightly…


Yes they are open. We have been there the last two years and are going again this year.

We were at WDW for Wilma too - we were at Fantasmic.


last october was the best MNNSHP that i have been to. wilma drove everyone away, and we ran the joint. we stayed in the contemporary, and i have some great pics of my 18mo old son playing with the characters in the grand concourse. they had the characters walking around there all morning until the park opened.


I think the Columbia Harbor House would be good. Cosmic Rays is okay, too. I am sure I will enjoy it no matter where you take me to eat…as long as it is at Disneyworld, hehehe. Love ya, Mumsy! :heart:

NO togas this year!!


I ate at comic rays right before the actual party started while they were clearing out the guests who did not have tickets (around 6pm). I did notice it open later. They had a dance party in there and I saw people coming out with food… I am not certain about the other places, but would imagine most food places woould be open. There are so many people in there…they must have food! lol


I know that Peco’s was open late I think we ate around 10:30 that night.