We will be in WDW next year when MNSSHP is on. Halloween is not big here in Australia, in fact not really celebrated at all where we are. It sort of doesn’t get a mention.
Would be enjoy something like this or should we give it a miss. I don’t want to do it just because its on as the kids don’t really know what halloween is. But I don’t want to miss it if its “unmissable”.
What I’m really after is a non-american point of view of MNSSHP.:blush:


If I didn’t know about Halloween and how Americans celebrate it, then I’d definitely go to MNSSHP. It’s always good to see new things anyway, right? :mickey:


The event is a lot of fun with or without the knowledge of Halloween. We are going back for the 3rd time in a row next month. I definately think you will have a good time no matter what. Even if you don’t want to dress up you may be able to find Halloween tee shirts for cheap at I think just the fact that you are from another country will make this even more of a must see for you - there isn’t anything like it in Australia!

Some of the activities that you will enjoy no matter what are:

:mickey: getting candy!
:mickey: meeting a lot of villians - they tend to have some rare characters
:mickey: Mickey and the gang are dressed in their Halloween costumes
:mickey: Hallowishes! This is a halloween version of Wishes and is so amazing
:mickey: the atmosphere is spooky fun and you get to stay in the MK until midnight
:mickey: The Boo to You parade is wonderful and is started off with a visit by the Headless Horseman

I hope you decide to go because I know you will love it!!


MNSSHP is a must. This is October will be our third trip. It is the best time you can have at MK. Only Disney can do a Halloween party like this!!!


After our next trip we are going to start planning to go for the different holidays. I cant wait to go to MNSSHP.


I would think it would add a bit of mistery to the whole event, seeing strange rituals going on and people in strange costumes. It would be a lot of fun!


I would think that, if anything, you could at least use it as a teaching experience. Let your kids know that it is something that Americans participate in every year. Have them try to find out one thing about halloween to share with their class at school when they return. It would be a cultural experience that your kids will enjoy.


My English friend would vacation in Florida as a child in the late 70’s/early 80’s. While this was before MNSSHP, she would always come in October and trick or treat at either Fort Wilderness (where they would camp in their motorhome) or at their house near Clearwater.

She has told me several times how much she loved Halloween here, and some of her very favorite memories of Florida revolve around those Halloween trips. It was uniquely American and as a child she loved participating with the American kids in somehting that they loved. I’d think it would be the same for your kids–a fun, happy memory to reflect back on as they grow older.


It is very fun! You should definitly go.

:mickey: a very cool parade
:mickey: somthing new for your kids to learn about


ive never been to disney at halloween time but im sooooo excited il be there to go this year!! and hopefully getting CM discount on my ticket!


you will never look at haloween the same way again…have a great time…


The hallween party is help at various times though out the month of octber. Take a peek at this year’s schedule for it and it should give you an idea of how often and when they have it. Halloween night is a guaranteed party night as is the night before Halloween. It’s a lot of fun. This will be my second MNSSHP this year…loved it last year and can’t wait for this year’s.