Can someone please let me know if I book MNSSHP will I need seperate MK tickets or just the halloween party ticket?


Check out this thread…

The short answer is no - as long as you plan on waiting until at least 4pm to enter the MK.


You need only MNSSHP ticket to enter the park for the party. You can get in as early as 4pm to take advantage of all the rides before the party starts. We rode almost eveything we wanted to before our dinner ADR and then went to the party.

If you plan on going to MK on another day, then you have to use your park ticket.


I only will be in town for a few days so this will be it. I called WDW and they said no entry untill 7 pm. Is that true?


Every time we have gone they let us in early, so I would say it is safe to go early :slight_smile:


Last year we got in at 4pm. Like I said, we rode most of the rides before the party even started. It was great. Make an ADR for in the park around 6 or 6:30 to eat before the party starts.


Looks like this trip will happen if all goes well. I just dont know if I should drive for $327 rt = 88 rent a car 200 gas rt (hopefully under) and $50 hotel in ga so I can rest up or

Fly RT phil to Ft. lauderdale $386 RT + 88 rent a car+ 50 gas


Totally just my opinion… but I would fly! I am not a fan of long car rides, especially with kids… and by myself.


I personally would fly too. I don’t like flying, but I hate long car rides more! A trip from Philly will really take you 2 days each way:sleeping: :blink: (cause your too tired and stressed to really enjoy the second day even if you did drive straight through) so…thats 4 days of travel time RT as opposed to 4 hours RT.

Hmmmm…flying wins for me! :happy: More time with the Mouse!:mickey:


I think I will fly. My oldest DD doesnt want to go so too bad for her:laugh: She is more like my DH… doesnt really like Disney… Oh well… I have to fly 2 and from Ft. Lauderdale because everything is booked on SWA and AIR tran. I hope something may open soon.