This will be our first trip to WDW outside of July/August. My wife has always wanted to see MNSSHP so we’re going this year. What exactly can we expect? I see where the park is closed from 7p.m. until 12 a.m. for this event. Aside from the parade what else occupies this time?


Although I have never been to it, I have always wanted to! And I’m excited to hear about what every has to say! I know that you can dress up in costumes, and I know that there is candy for the little ones.

I’ve been to MVMCP, so I’m excited to see how similar they are!


I’ve also never been and really really want to go! (yay more villains!) But I was going to say you definitely get to see lots of really neat costumes and decorations. Also, special characters come out that you can only see during the holiday like Jack and Sally but other than that I’m not sure.


I’d be so excited because it’s the only time us “big kids” get to wear our princess and pirate costumes inside the parks! :laugh:


The fireworks and parade are special for the MNSSHP. The parade is performed twice. I believe 9 P.M. and 10:30 P.M. and the fireworks are between the parades. I could be off with the times. The parade should NOT be missed. It’s something special!


It’s a great event to interact with everyone because everyone is there for the same reason. Dress up and have a great time!


Same! :heart: That’s one of the main selling points for me! Most of the time I get to ooh and ahh all the little princes, princesses and pirates and I love that we have our chance to do it too! Now just getting around to getting down there sometime. :laugh:


MNSSHP is my favorite event! It’s so much more fun if you really get into it - wear a costume, pick up the free trick-or-treat bag, hit all the candy stops, etc. As others have said, there is a parade and a fireworks show only put on during the party, which are both amazing. There is also a Villains Mix & Mingle show at the castle - you can get pictures with them afterwards. If you’re not into shows or fireworks or wearing costumes, just enjoy the shorter-than-usual lines at all the rides! :happy:


hmmmm. Dressing up. I’m not a let my hair down kinda guy. My wife however…:laugh:


Hahhah exactly!!!


Their are special meet and greets also such as that is the only time to get a picture with Snow White and all seven Dwarfs at one time. and also they have special picture add ins also at some locations such as ghost around the Haunted Mansion area. We did it last year for the first time and if you are not carful you will spend allthe time in lines for pictures with characters so I would pick out one or two that you really want in the halloween outfits and make sure you get a lot of candy, ride the rides also. Oh and the special pins do sell out fast and are up front they only put out so many for each night of it. I almost waited to late and had a hard time finding shirts almost so as far as the shirts and pins and stuff get it early and out of the way.
Also, I was told that the closer to halloween you get the more crowded it is. Try to go on a week night as it tends to have less locals at it also.
Oh one last thing the the most sought after character picture is the Snow White with the Dwarfs the line will form early and will get looonnnggg so if you want her picture than get one person from your party in line early so you do not have to wait as long. My DD is a Snow White fanactic so it was a must for us.


Oh yeah and the best is to sleep in that day and don’t do another park that day the Mnsshp ticket you can get in at 4 in the afternoon with it also so no need for a separate day admission for MK either if you want in a little early for it.


I’ve been to MNSSHP 3 times and I love it. Make sure you get in line for a rare photo op… snow white and the 7 dwarfs. It is a one in a lifetime photo. Also, if you are using photopass, make sure that you combine your cards, I have some great shots. Not only character shots - I love MNSSHP


We are going on Halloween night this year. It will be our first time. I am so psyched! I didn’t know about the Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. Where are they usually located? I want to get in line early for that one.


Good Lord!
Hard ticket events are limited to abut 25,000 - 30,000 guests. Guests with tickets for that night are allowed to enter the park beginning around 4 PM, so if you push it, you’ll have 8 straight hours in the MK. All the rides are open, although there are no fast passes, mostly because the crowds are small enough to not require them. There are two parades and a special Halloween fireworks show. There is trick or treating for adults as children, so if you work hard, you might be able to gather $20 worth of candy to somewhat balance how much you spent to get in. There is also a special castle show. There are all manner of meet and greets all over the park and there are also about 4 dance parties too.
That’s about it.
Zoomaster, one of our first stops is at the Main Street jewelry shop for our pins. The pins are not available until 7 PM though. And there are special passholder pins as well as the regular special pins.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1035760]Good Lord!
…there are also about 4 dance parties too.

Ooh, I did not know this! Sounds fun :happy:


And the meet and greets are wonderful.


My DH is not either BUT he wore a cowboy hat and cowboy t-shirt and had a ball!



This party is AWESOME! Asisde from all of the things described above MK is EMPTY during the day of the party.

Most people do not go to MK during the day b/c of the limited hours so ALL rides are walk on! What we did is hit MK at open. Walk on EVERY ride, I am not kidding, DS had to go to the bathroom while in Tomorrowland so DH said that I should go hop on Space Mountain while he took him and then he would meet me at the exit. When I got off the ride I met him coming out of the bathroom!

So we get there for rope drop, hit every ride, have at CS lunch and go back to the resort for a long nap! Hit Chef Mickey’s at 5:30 and we are walking into the park at 7 pm. Full and rested and ready to go!

A lot of people think this is a waste of a day off of the pass but If you have a length of stay park hopper it really is a wash! (or a season pass) If I did not go to a park that day I would have wasted the day anyway! This year we are doing the same thing.



We will be going the very first night. Sept 14th I believe it is. I already have tickets. Being the that it’s the first night will it be super crowded or will it be too early for the hardcore Halloweeners to be there?

Thanks for the heads up on the photo ops. It will give my wife time to decide what she wants to try and do. She has always wanted to do this and I thought it would be nice for our anniversary. (25years)