Ok I was just wondering if any of the other MBer’s are planning on doing the party this fall?
We are planning on the Oct. 25th date.


Yes, I will be ordering tickets. Was pleasantly surprised they are starting it so early, as the first date falls when we will be there. Just waiting on both teenage Sons to answer me if they will go also to know the number of tickets to buy. I’m leaning towards just getting tickets for all. I’m sure even if they are aprehensive about going, with me buying the tickets, they will go and have a great time.


Yes we are planning on doing it be there the last week of Oct.


yes we will bet there in September so will do one of the first. I hope it doesnt rain… lasy time we went it poured all night …


Tickets are ordered! Can’t wait!


I will be attending! I’m not sure which dates yet but I will be going once in Sept. and once the week before Halloween. I also plan on working a few parties ~ they are the most fun!


First year going during the month of October and going to MNSSHP. Hear it’s great and can’t wait!!!


We are going Oct. 6th! Can’t wait! It will be our first party!


Not a definite date yet (hope to book a bounce back on our trip in 3 weeks), but we are really leaning towards going again this year…On a whim, we booked a trip to do it last October and were AMAZED at how much fun we had. SO…hope to be going again…


We’re arriving at WDW on Oct. 31 and have already ordered and received our tickets for the Nov. 1 party. I thought my two little granddaughters would be way too tired to go to the party on Oct. 31.


We are going September 30. Tickets are ordered and we can’t wait!


we are planning on going to the Oct 2nd party. I haven’t ordered the tickets, I’m waiting to find out about 1 more thing, and then I will be ordering. :wub:


Yes, we will be there Nov. 1 also! Can’t wait!


We’re going on 10/23. I hope it’s worth the $$$. Kinda pricey, but I’m looking forward to it.


Its worth every penny- its an amazing night, with the best Disney can do atmosphere- you wont regret a moment of it.


Thanks…good to know!


I also say it is well worth the money. We usually take the morning off and relax and then at 4 we head to the park. The atmosphere is great and the fireworks are amazing! This will be our 3rd MNSSHP and we can’t wait!