Any news on when the MNSSHP are for this year? We’ll be there this Fall & would like to make plans to go


If you look at the WDW Calender for September and October, you can already tell which nights the parties will be on. Any night the Mk closes at 7pm, is a party night. According to my secret source, tickets are suppose to go on sale May 1st…again, according to the source.


thats what we figured. We are planning on October 26th. Water Park all day, dinner at the Castle, party at night!


If you look on the September and October calenders, you can clearly see when they are. Any time the Magic Kingdom closes at 7pm, it’s a party night. They may add more later, but that’s a good idea of when they will be. Tickets should be on sale May 1st according to my secret source.


Dates were anounced today! Check!


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Dates came out today.


Hope you enjoy it.
we have just booked for 25 september :ph34r:


I’m booking for October 4th…anyone else going?


We are down the same time you are but we will most likely skip it this year. We are focusing on the F&W Fest. But one or two of the other couples with us said they were going to hit the party.


We have been to “the world” just about every special time of year or holiday now and this one is one of my favorite!! I remember when my DM was still able to go with us and she had so much fun on this nite---- she had tears in her eyes. I’m jealous of those of you going…waiting for some GKs some day to get me back to these celebrations. :pirate:

I should upload pics of my DD in her costume back then…


Oooh - this is just like a spy movie!:ohmy: