Any info on halloween at disney ??:flowers:


Well, what specific info do you need? :mickey::mickey:

Did you use the search feature here? I think there have been several recent posts about mnsshp. :happy:

Did you want to find specific dates? Or just people who have gone in the past?


I want info on what happens at wdw during halloween.:flowers:


Here’s a good link to the information about the halloween events. It tells you the dates it takes place and a little about it.

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party | Walt Disney World Resort


We LOVE MNSSHP! The parade and fireworks are awesome. We’ve been twice only rode 1 or 2 rides. We are too busy getting candy, etc. Dress up! It’s fun!


We Love it also! We’ll be there Oct. 30 to Nov. 8. We’re going Nov. 2!


We’re going September 25. Should be able to buy tickets as we did 2 weeks ago


Our favorite special event. w attended three times and hope to go back again this year. Boo-to-you!


jklo, welcome to MB! This place has helped me plan numerous trips to WDW. I doubt there is a question that hasn’t already been asked here! I encourage you to do searches on various subjects and then tailor your questions to specific points. It will help us help you in your planning! Again, welcome! (And don’t believe anything Tigger posts. He’s our “special” member.)


I’ve only been to Disney during the “Halloween” season. I love it. Fall is my favorite time of year so im in my glory! The colors are amazing and the Halloween party is to die for (hahaha get it!) lol anyway. Its beautiful and you can’t go wrong that time of year.