We are going the very first night. My question is…do you think it will be crowded? Im saying yes BC its the first party, but my friend who im going with says no…bc its the first party. Lol
Im thinking the parks in general won’t be awful…for a few reasons 1)its the VERY beginning of the school year (us north easterners start school that week) and 2)I always able to get dining reservations that are usually booked solid from the 180 day mark. (like CRT and hoop dee doo)



I think it more depends on what day the party is on. Friday and Saturday parties are generally more crowded than Sunday parties. Of course, I went to a Friday party where crowds were supposedly high, but I didn’t have a problem with it. It also depends on what you want to do at the party as to whether or not you have to wait in line. If you want to meet all of the characters, then that’s one of the most crowd-drawing, time-consuming things to do. If you just want to collect candy, ride attractions, see the parade and fireworks, and get photos with a few favorite characters, it shouldn’t be bad at all.

We strategized and got pictures with Mickey and Minnie immediately after the second Boo to You! Parade and there was no wait at all (I’ve heard that if you try to get your photo with them immediately, then there is usually a long wait). The seven dwarves are the most popular, and we decided to skip out on that.


We are going on a Tuesday. We want to meet, ride and parade lol maybe do the villain mix and mingle. 2009 & 2010 Weren’t bad. We went on Thursdays at the end of September…but last year we went the Friday before Halloween and it was insane lol


Last year we went at the end of September and the party was on a Saturday night. We had heard it was a very long line to see the 7 dwarfs all in one spot, so when we went into MK we went right back to get in line. We waited quite a while and the line behind us was ridiculously long, but we got to see them and got our picture taken.

We weren’t interested in any candy, but we didn’t see even one line for any candy the whole night. Everyone was walking right up and getting their candy.

The parade route was a different story. The streets were so crowded immediately. Hours and hours before the parades started, the streets were packed. I had read a recommendation to go back to Frontierland to watch. That worked perfect for us. No one was back there for the 1st parade of the evening. For the 2nd parade of the evening we decided to check out Mainstreet - OH BOY was that crowded. We stuck it out like sardines and then shuffled out with the other thousands of people after the 2nd parade at the end of the night.


I don’t think a Tuesday night will be that crowded, even though it is the opening night. If it were a Sunday or a Monday night, it would make more sense to be especially crowded because people might extend their vacations to stay for MNSSHP. I think that the first Friday night of MNSSHP will be crowded.