We are going to the Halloween Party on Friday, November 1, this year. Any thoughts on how busy we can expect this last day to be?



I didn’t realize that MNSSHP went after Halloween… have a great time


This is the first time that I can recall them having it after Halloween. With it being on a Friday, it could be busy with the local crowds. That being said, it is a hard ticket event with a finite number of tickets (I believe 40,000). While it is busy, everything moves very well.


You can expect it to be pretty busy, but do-able. The park pretty much empties after the second parade making it an ideal time to walk on the attractions. Enjoy!


We are also doing MNSSHP on Nov 1 for the first time, we have done the Xmas nights and they were busy until after the first parade/fireworks, so as mentioned in this thread, I expect it to thin out later on, but it should be a fun time!