Mobile Magic App from Verizon


Has anyone used this app successfully and would you recommend downloadin this now or when we o on our trip in June? Thanks.


Don’t have it, but I am also interested.


DD wants to go again just so we can try it!!:laugh:


Not sure what the appis… can you describe it? I know some people enjoy the WDW app that tells you about wait times, schedules, etc… and they are enjoying it from home. LOL


I’m very inerested also, can’t wait to hear what people say. I want to try it for our June Trip.


I want this App, really I do! BUT Verizon has not released it for any of the smartphones. You have to have a phone to access the “get it now”. It will work on DH’s and DD’s phones but not mine :angry: Come on Verizon…let us all in on the fun!


Agreed! Share the wealth so it can bee-bop on over to AT&T:phone:


I used this during our trip earlier this month. I found it useful and entertaining. It gave us the specific wait times for the parks we were in at the time and the meet & greet times and locations for characters. I downloaded it about a month before we left so that I could get used to it before going. While I liked it, I know some people will not be thrilled with the cost.


How much was it?

Do I need to put it on mine w/ web access or can I put it on DW’s phone without web access? She will play with it more than I will. I leave my phone in the room on vacation for a few hours of peace and quiet.


I really wanted this app, but my dad thought it was a $9.99/day charge. So when we were there over New Year’s, I was saying how great it would be if he had let me get that app, and then when he realized it was $9.99 for 180 days, he asked me why I didn’t get it. :laugh: We were there again last week, but it seemed like a waste with the crowds being so low. I might try it out the next time I go. It would be really good to have during peak season.


Is your phone set up for web surfing? Is it needed for this app?


I downloaded the free 24-hour trial. It would be a really useful thing to have at the parks, and it has great photos, so it’s fun for those of us not at the parks, too. (though they are only the size of a pencil eraser, you can see small shots of restaurants, etc…)


Thanks for all the help!!


Great suggestion to purchas app a month or so before vacation. I never thought about giving myself time to get familiar with the navigation of this app.

I am most definitely going to purchase for my stay this summer. It’s always crowded whenever I go in the summer, so it sounds like this app will help my maximize my time for fun!


We used it in january but it wasn’t that helpful. Half the characters were wrong when looking to see who was doing meet and greets. I think the app would be helpful for people who don’t know the parks that well but for me it was a waste of money


[QUOTE=Pam&Rich;1020244]How much was it?

Do I need to put it on mine w/ web access or can I put it on DW’s phone without web access? She will play with it more than I will. I leave my phone in the room on vacation for a few hours of peace and quiet.[/QUOTE]

Verizon only has it available for certain phones, so you’ll have to see if it is a downloadable {Browse & Download} application for your DW’s phone. My husband has a nicer phone than I do, but it wasn’t available on his, so I don’t know what the rhyme or reason is behind that.


I’m still bummed that it isn’t available for the droid (or any of Verizon smart phones). It makes no sense to me that they would develop something like this, and not do it for the top of the line phones.


I am so disappointed. 3 of us just go new, higher end, phones - Droid, GZone Rock and a Rival and none are currently compatible with the App. It never even dawned on me that the newest phone wouldn’t be compatible. I just hope they come out with it before this fall.


I Know exactly how you feel. The reason I got a Droid and not an Iphone is because the Mobile Magic App was exclusive to Verizon. I guess it’s my fault for not checking if it would work on the Droid…but I just assumed since Mobile Magic was just released in November 2009, that it would work on the newer phones. Uggg…


There is a big verizon commercial with it right now (can’t remember the phone that they are on)… But they are talking about being at Magic Kingdom Park, and where do you go for the line information? Then they show the Dad on Dumbo… it kind of implies that you will get the app when you get the phone-which is not true… It does not make sense that it does not go with all the smart phones either…