Mobile phone app


What mobile phone app have you used to determine wait times, etc. for rides while at the parks?

I have verizon and a blackberry. My husband has a samsung that runs the droid apps.


Our last trip we used the Undercover Tourist app for Android system and it was pretty accurate. You can also add your wait times.It also told parade times and show times.It also told park closing times and extra magic hours for each park.We really liked it and would recommend using it.


perfect. Thank you!!!

#4 (associated with the Unofficial Guide) has an app called “Lines”… I haven’t used it yet, but I plan on it for my next trip.


We have never used any of these apps but now I am interested in using one on our next trip!


When my boyfirend and I went we had Verizon but he had a smart phone and the app wasn’t compatible now he has a droid incredible so we will be taking full advantage of that feature next time we go!


I have the same phone with a nice WDW app! It IS great!


thank you. At our last trip, we spent so much time going and checking wait times, etc. This type of application will be so helpful.


I use the Lines website ( using the web browser on a AT&T Blackberry. We LOVE it. :mickey:


I have both the “Lines” app and the Undercover Tourist App. I enjoyed checking the wait times over the hollidays, just to see what the crowds were like.


Oh no! something else for me to do. . .



My DH has the Droid X and when we went in November, he downloaded the “Disney world wait times lite by phunware Inc”…it was free, and the wait times were accurate. I think only 3 times, the whole time we were there, they would be off by about 5 minutes here or there, but otherwise they were exact. It was definelty very helpful in determining where to go next.


I’ve gone with lines since it is web based and everyone seems to think the IPhone and Droid are the only phones out there despite the fact that more phones run the Windows OS than any other.


Are these apps free??


If you want to use all the features of Lines it is $10.00 a year which gives you access to and their crowd prediction features. FWIW I think they are going to be off in their March predictions this year as a lot of spring breaks are taking place in April because of the late Easter Holiday.


The app that I posted about earlier is a free app.