Mobile Room Ready Notification Service


I just read this on All Ears and think this is a great Idea :happy:

During the check-in process, Guests provide a cell/mobile telephone number and request a return notification preference. When the room is ready, a text message or automated call will be sent to the Guest’s cell/mobile phone number with the room number. This message will have your room number. If for some reason, your room number changed since you checked in at the front desk, you will have to return to the Front Desk for new room keys and your room number.

You choose whether to have a phone call or a text message sent to your phone. Standard text messaging rates for your phone apply.

This service is available for Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Vacation club resorts.


I think that’s a great idea. No more calling to see if the room is ready. Just relax and have fun until they contact you.


This takes away the hassel. :happy:


This was posted already. :smile: But very cool new feature.


Sorry I missed it being posted before. :blush:


Love this idea!!! What did we ever do before cell phones?