Moderate or offsite?


I decided that rather than wrangle w/I-4 traffic on the morning of the 20th, that Pete and John I would stay overnight in Orlando before hitting MGM for day 1 of Star Wars Weekend. I called WDW, and the only moderate they had available w/my passholder rate was $138 for the night at PO Riverside. I’ve got a courtesy hold on that now. However, I’d be perfectly happy to stay offsite, but do you think the prices would be better? Are there any hotels you’ve stayed in offsite that are nice?


I am sure you could get a better price off site but you have to fight the traffic. I like staying on site, it’s worth the money not to have to go out in the real world. We stayed in a cheap hotel off site and got what we paid for.


You could check out the hotels at DTD. You might be able to get something cheaper there. Then you’d still be in WDW. Check Mousesavers. But I agree with DisneyTeacher - staying on site is so much less of a hassle.


I just checked and both Holiday Inn and Doubletree are under construction for 5/19 and Wyndham Palace is $200 while the Hilton is even more. So I guess I might just keep my reservation w/PO Riverside. $138 isn’t too bad, right? I mean, this price includes tax and all that and is for 3 people.


What about a value? I notice from your list that you’ve never stayed at one–and honestly if your just going for one night they are not that bad–they are actually a lot of fun!
However…138 per night is not that bad…it’s better than staying off-site I think!


$138 isn’t bad for one night, but if you did want to check an offsite, we have stayed at the Holiday Inn Nikki Bird resort a couple of times. It is very clean and we have never had any problems when we stayed there. It’s on US 192 and only about 5 minutes from everything. Have fun in whatever you decide!


$138 sounds great and POR is a great resort!! Do not forget to check out the piano bar with Bob the night you are staying there! It is soo much fun!!


I’ve heard that argument many times, and I don’t agree. I LIKE staying on-site, but in my many stays off-site in the MainGate area, I’ve never had to “fight” traffic.

Jen, has gotten me clean, decent rooms within 15 minutes of the parks for only $24/night. No, it’s nothing magical, but at $24/night, money can be spent elsewhere.


That IS a great rate. If you stay off-site, how do you get to the parks if you don’t have a car?


I would rather stay at a Value than stay off-site because then you never really leave Disney. Plus, you get the EMH at night if you stay at the Disney Resorts.


We had a car.

Believe me, the perks on staying on-site are fantastic, and I much prefer on-sight.

I’m just saying if I had to find ways to cut costs in order to go to WDW, I wouldn’t hesitate to stay off site.


Then I assume one needs a car if staying off-site? At $24 a night it might be worth it to rent a car. But I love Disney transportation. It was so convenient. (And I loved the EMH, too!) Hmmm. Something to think about for our next trip, though.


Hotels outside are never like disney property. plus when you stay inside you dont have to worry about driving to the parks


I’ve never stayed at a Value, but I hear that they are HUGE and packed with people. Is this true? I am afraid of being kept up all night before my big battle w/Vader the next morning by a school group of cheerleaders/soccer teams/etc. I’ve heard that they run rampant through the halls of the Values - anyone had this happen?


I know that teams do stay in the All-Stars, but my family stays there all the time and we’ve never had a team there with us. Or if we did, we couldn’t hear them. I know some people have had problems with big teams, but I love the All-Stars and I never have. :slight_smile:


Haha…what a fear…anyways I have stayed at Values a lot and this has never happened…if your afriad of it happening…do three things…stay at POP Century because they dont book big huge groups like that…stay in a preferred room so you wont be too far away from the main building…the worst walk ive ever had was at POP from the 50’s building to the lobby–but it wasnt terrible!..and request a room facing the parking lot away from the pools. If you stay near the pools sometimes you can hear pool traffic…I have never stayed at a mod or deluxe so I cant compare to the two for you…and no POP Century cannot compare with ALK or big deluxes…but it’s fun…esp. just for one night. If you dont stay at it this time at least go check them out on one of your visits since your closer now…you might like what you see!


You’ve definitely given me something to think about now - thanks for the tips on what to request once I’m there!:mickey:


Yes, consider POP. What better way to check it out than just staying one night?


Have you considered the Swan or Dolphin? They still have all the on-site perks.


Jenny, I would go with a Value…
I have never had a bad experience at a Value…I was apprehensive, but we LOVED our stay at All-Star Movies and would go back in a heartbeat!

It’s only a one night thing, so if you have a nightmare experience, you never have to go back…but it’s another resort you can add to your list! :biggrin:

POR would be nice, but in MHO I think I would rather stay there when I could stay longer and enjoy it more.