Moderate or Value?


We are thinking Coronado Springs or Pop Century for our upcoming trip in January. We will be there for 7 nights/8 days. Help me choose! If we stay at a Value, more money to spend!


We won’t stay at anything except Moderate… with two teenage girls, I need the extra rooms just of their stuff.


we changed our res to the value so that we could use the savings towards something else for the trip- it was a massive difference in cost!


It really depends on how many people are in the room. IMO the value rooms are OK for two adults and maybe one kid. The rooms are small and if you have a lot of luggage there is not a whole lot of room to put it. If you can afford to, I would choose a moderate. Also there are more dinning options at a moderate. Values just have a food court.


If given the choice it would be the moderate for me. It’s only the 2 of us but I like the roominess. My fiance is a big boy and we do way too much shopping while there plus the suitcases and carry-ons but I think it all comes down to personal preference.


If you can swing it go fo rthe moderate, the rooms really are bigger. CBR has the biggest rooms if I remember correctly. For us, the resort is part of our whole WDW experience so we like to have more than just a place to sleep.


we stayed at the POP in June with four people. my DH and I my 17 and our 20 year old. we were a little cramped but not too bad for the amount of time in the room. If i was going to spend more time at the hotel i would try to go moderate. My DH and i will be at WDW in spetember for our anniversary we are again staying at the POP. we thougth about a moderate but for the amount of money we are saving we are going for nine nights instead of just five


We stayed at CBR last year and loved it, but we want to try something new, So we thought Coronado Springs. We did a price quote for pop century though and it is like 600 dollars cheaper. That would give us 600 more spending money since we love to shop! But I don’t want to compromise our comfort either, lol! We are a family of four, two adults, two children, 5 and 2!


We stayed at POP for one night, ( Then we spent the rest of our trip at the Poly) anyhow it was Me, DH and DD who was 5 Y/O at the time. We felt pretty cramped. If you bring the stoller for the 2 y/o you may have a hard time finding space for it in your room. JMO! You will have a great time where ever you stay …you are in WDW!


With your two really little ones you should be fine in the smaller rooms, you just have to decide how important the resort is to you. The extra spending money would just about pay for the dining plan for the whole week or give you lots of spending money.


This is tough to answer. I’m trying not to be the 73rd post to say, “Moderate is better than Value”. It’s been said and you knew that before you asked your question.

A very important thing to consider how do you plan to use your resort. If you’re going to park hop go go go extra magic 'til midnight then your resort is JUST a place to sleep and value will work 100%.

Besides the obvious differences, I’ve heard the Value resorts often host large groups of undersupervised young people and can be quite noisy.

As I read this, I don’t think I’m getting you closer to a decision either.

Sometimes, this board (not this thread) seems to jump on a “go for it” bandwagon encouaging the questioner to spend more.


for our family we opted for the value because of the themeing. ASMo is theme out to the MAX!! we will be there in jan. 2007 as well. my DD will only be 3yo. so we will be heading back to the resort about 7-8pm at the latest. so yeah, we will be in our room alot…but she will be asleep and we will be wathcing t.v or sleeping as well. the values do have a playground and pools. while she is so young and easy to impress with cartoon images rather than more spacious or luxuroius room accommodations…we will be going to the value resorts. we figure we can only get away with it so long before she will want to go to a resort with a slide in the pool, or something extra that the values don’t offer. and by that time…we will be ready to truley appriciate all the ammentities the better resorts have to offer as well. right now… even if we stayed at a moderate resort we wouldn’t be getting more for our money, because of her age we actually would be getting less. (you can only stay in gawdy Toy Story themed rooms at ASMo!!) and that is what is really important to DD right now.


Jen, with 2 kids who are fairly small, I would say go for Pop Century. The extra room at a Moderate is always a plus, but if you say it will save you about $600, I definitely say go for Pop!

Once your kids are a little bigger, you may want to go back to CBR or similar. :tongue: All those long legs in such a little room!

But for now, I think Value resorts are really your friend so you should take advantage of it. Think how much you could do with $600! :mickey:


Thanks guys, I think that I have made my decision. I think that we will book for Pop for now and if any good deals or discounts come out that would make the moderate closer to the price of the value we will switch I know last year when it got closer to my trip, they made a discount and it saved us like 300 bucks, so if they do the same thing we will do moderate, if not we will stay with pop. Anyway last year we were barely at the hotel, only to sleep and shower!


Then I think a value is the right choice for you. It seems like a waste to spend an extra $600 if you’re not going to be in the room much.


That’s what I feel about staying at Pop. We are hardly there. We stayed with a fam of 4 and did fine. To be honest I want to spend the most time in the parks and the less distraction completing from the resort right now the better.


I would stay off property - better value for the money. Chances are you are not going to spend a lot of awake time at your hotel. And if you do, I would bet that you’d be at the pool/restaurant/bar.

You’re just sleeping there. Unless money is no object, I would save the funds to be used elsewhere.

But if space is an issue, I would also look outside of WDW and get two ajoining rooms.


The only thing that won’t work about that is that you can’t get the DDP and that is something that we are not willing to sacrifice!! The first year we went we stayed off site at a beautiful house with our own pool thinking we would save money by cooking at the house didn’t happen, we ended up spending a small fortune on food because we had DH, myself, DD, DS and my two little sisters!


We love the Pop, and we actually hung out there quite a bit. We’re a large family (5 of us!), and we know that the Pop will only work for another year. (When Caisley turns 3 we have to switch to a bigger room that allows 5 occupants)

All that being said - Yes, the room is small. Yes, you will be cramped, but that doesn’t make it an unpleasant experience!

Request a ground floor - let the children play in the courtyard. I took a chair out and sat on the sidewalk, and those kids just ran around like it was the best thing EVER! The values have their fair share of magic, I can assure you!

I loved CSR, too! Our stay at a moderate was top-notch, but it didnt’ appeal to my children as much as the Pop did. :c)


I love Pop!! It is a beautiful resort. You will not regret staying there.