Moderate Pool Slides


We are trying to decide on a Moderate Hotel for our upcoming summer trip to WDW. My two children (9 and 7) want to stay at the resort with the best pool slide. What moderate pool slide do you like the best?


I think they are all pretty similar, though I haven’t seen a few of them, but themed differently.

Port Orleans is interesting with the dragon. Have fun!


When our kids were little they loved the Sea Serpent slide at POFQ. The slide at Coronado Springs looks pretty neat too.


As much as I don’t like Coronado Springs, I have to say that thier pool slide looks the coolest. That point aside, I’d never choose to go there. POFQ’s pool is a dragon pool and all the kids seem to think it’s pretty darn cool. All pool slides look cool to a kid though, so who cares? I prefer POFQ simply for the smallness in size. Every room location is near everything and you aren’t wlaking a mile or two after a day in the parks to get to your room. They have excellent bus service and the people there ROCK! So much so that I am going back for a 4th stay this August.


The CBR pool is pretty cool, too…themed to “Pirates of the Caribbean” and it has a separate water play/splash area, as well as a hot tub, and in back a “cool tub”.


Agreed! That pool looks pretty cool too. I just don’t like how long their bus lines always are. I have never stayed there and shouldn’t judge, but every time I go to hop my bus, their line is outrageously long. That tells me that either tons of people stay there and it’s popular OR their bus system is stinko. I don’t gamble with transportation. CSR and PC are also two lines that are insanely long every time I see them.


I love CBR:) the main pool is a lot of fun and the wading pool/splash area was heaven sent with my wee ones!


Our DD always loved the CBR pool and I’ve always thought the POFQ slide looked great too.


We have stayed at the POFQ, but the kids wanted a change. The CBR pool/slide looked great, but I keep hearing of poor transportation. What about the POR Ol’ Man Island?


I think your kids will like all the slides, don’t worry about it too much. Transportation can be hit or miss at any resort, you can find good and bad reports at all the resorts.


Kids have so much fun at the POFQ. ? if you stay there do you get two for the price of one? like can you use riverside Ol’ Man Island pool .

we stayed at CBR before the referb that look so cool now especially if you have little boys…:pirate::pirate:


CBR is my favorite, stayed there quite a bit and NEVER had a problem with the transportation. . . now my times at POP, transportation has been horrible.

Lots of people at CBR, but they have been able to move people from place to place pretty good.


CBR has the best pool/slide for a Mod resort in my opinion. POR would be a close second. I remember CSR being good too, though it’s been a long time since we were there. POFQ pool slide is better for smaller kids, it’s theme is pretty cool, but it is a very small slide.


Well, I really think I like the water slide at the Old Man Island pool in POR. There are turns and it goes a little faster.:happy:


If you stay at POFQ you can use the pool their and the one at POR also.


My kids ALWAYS pick POFQ for the best pool. I even asked them and showed them various pools and said if you had to pick 1, what would you pick? “Dragon slide mom” followed by an :rolleyes: and a did you have to even ask look. They have never stayed at another hotel on property, muchless off property at WDW. They have been offered other hotels, but they always choose this one. The slide, the decorations, and the ease of getting around wins with them.

Imo it isn’t even that big of a deal for a slide, but to kids, it’s the hands down winner. They do want to try Poly’s slide though, but yeah not happening without a killer deal or a major windfall of cash. lol


CSR has a terrific pool with the longest slide (123 ft) of all the mods. It also has a arcade, playground, sand volleyball court, ping pong table and giant checker board there. Pics on my site below.

I’ve been to CSR 13 times and never had a problem with transportation. Its some of the best I’ve experienced. It doesn’t share with another resort like POR/POFQ and it only has 4 stops vs 7 at CBR.

The queen beds are a plus too.


This is the place to come when you have a question. You all have such great input. Thanks for all the information. If my chidren hadn’t been to the Poly in 2009 the slide thing probably wouldn’t of been an issue. Just can’t think of spending the deluxe prices this year.


Have a great vacation!


We’ve stayed at POR, CBR and POFQ. DD only tried the slides at CBR and POFQ. She is 10 and her ruling is this…CBR is faster and better.