"MOM" contest....anyone receive a response?


I could have sworn I saw a post that someone had received an email from disney regarding the contest. I have been checking my email everyday. Nothing yet .

If you heard back in an email…what exactly did they say?


I haven’t heard a thing yet… but I really don’t plan on it.


The only email I got was thanking me for entering right after I submitted my entry. Nothing after that.


Nope, I guess I wasn’t what they were looking for :blush:


I got a thank you email for submitting and that they would be in contact if I was going to be considered for the next phase of the process. I expect to hear nothing… the odds are very, very slim!


The original closing date wasn’t until 10/5, so they may not make any contact until after at least Friday. Imagine how long it would take to read 10,000 submissions… That’s 3,000,000 words!


That’s what I was thinking- even though they closed it early- they may still have their timelines that they are sticking to and it might be too early to contact people -one can wish, right?:blush:


Ohhhhh, then there is hope.

Everybody sprinkle pixie dust :wink:


I think Dana said she got a response, I believe! I hope she checks this thread to confirm!


I haven’t heard anything either. Would be so cool if an MBer got the call though.:happy:


I haven’t received anything either but, we need to think postive. Surely as many MBers we have some one here is sure to get on. So don’t give up yet.I thought that when I read The Rules before filling out the application it said they would contact you at the end of Oct or first of Nov.


Nothing yet either. Best of luck to all of us. I want to see someone from this board win!!!


They are suppose to get back with you today if I read my entry right. I ahven’t heard anything. I can’t see me being picked…I am thinking they are looking for moms who have small children and a total family…not the single mom with one teenager.


Dana, I think they are looking for all types of moms , or even dads. I hope someone here gets picked.


Do I remember correctly? Was the notification date in November?


I don’t know when they announce finalists, or even if they said when they would but I am afraid my computer will think its junk if they try and reach me. I keep checking my junk mail folder.