Mom taking three kids to DL by myself?


Hi all, I’m new here, but not new to DL. I am planning a trip to DL in February and my husband can’t join us until later in the week. So it will just be me, my 6 year old, my 4 year old and my 1 year old for the first couple of days. I know there are lots of rides that we can all go on together, but I was curious about some of the Fantasyland rides. I’m pretty sure that I remember that Peter Pan’s Flight only allows three people per boat. Do they have a height requirement for who can ride alone? My 6 year old would probably go by himself if they will let him. Are there any other rides that have a three person limit? Thanks for your help.


I would think they would let your 6 year old ride alone on Peter Pan. Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and Mr Toads all have four person cars, so you can ride those together. Peter Pan is always one of the worst lines in the park. And, unlike DW, there is no FP, so get there early in the day. Not sure about Dumbo, I never ride it. There’s just something about a flying elephant that makes me nervous…lol.


i can’t speak for dl but at dw i think the restriction for riding alone is based more on age. i know i’ve heard a few cm’s ask ages when kids wanted to ride alone. i could be wrong. it could go by height. don’t forget too that for a lot of rides, you 1 yr old will be able to ride on your lap.


Hi, have fun, you can get a list of height requirements @ the DL web site also serveral others like mouseforless, if your 6 year old won’t mind riding with someone they will have a cast member ride with them for safety, on dumbo it is 2 or 3 per elephant but perhaps your 4 & 6 year old could ride together. alot depends on their size. good luck.


I just want to say you rock! taking 3 kids under 6 all by yourself…WOW!:blink: Mine are 6 and 8 and I’ll be bringing Grandma along with us for the 3rd time…Of course I don’t do any spinning rides or most roller coasters…Thank God for Grandma:laugh::laugh:


Most Fantasyland Attractions generally allow 4 Guests per vehicle, when it comes to attractions like “Dumbo” and “Peter Pans Flight”, most CMs will base the child riding alone on their age, generally if you have a group that can not fit into the same vehicle and not enough adults to attend to the children, a CM can ride with the child that has no adult to ride with them, Disneyland CMs are usually very helpful in making everything operate and run smoothly for you and your family. Have a great and magical time!


Thanks for your help everyone! I didn’t think of having a CM ride with my older son. I’m not sure how he would like that, he can be kind of shy sometimes. We did find out that we have friends going at the same time so maybe we can just hook with them and my six year old and their six year old could ride together. I can’t wait for the trip! It’s going to be crazy, but so fun!