Momma Melrose?


How good is Momma Melrose? It smelled great when I walked by last time in the studios, but I have never tried it. I was thinking about dining there on the next visit.


Well, I was a big fan until our last two visits. We always had great service, and really enjoyed the food.In August, we had great food, but the service was spotty and a really ridiculous wait, there were tons of angry people who were really put off by the wait. In December, the restaurant was half full, and we still waited quite a while to be seated, and then our food and service were abysmal. I don’t think we will be going back for a while.


That is disappointing because it smelled so good, but I am not going to next January so maybe things will get better by then.


We had a very similar experience to Lovemysons- MM used to be one of our favourites but we thought the last couple of visits it wasn’t quite the same- however, we haven’t given up on it just yet!


Absolutely! You never know. If they get enough constructive feedback, I know they try to correct things.


Love it, love it …totally love it!!! I get the spicey sausauge dish every single time. IT’s a must do restaurant for me.


See, different strokes for different folks. We hated everything about it. Bad service, bad food and too dark for our taste. But you should try it yourself. You may like it. If not, you’ll know not to go there again.


HUGE portions… last time I went, it was terrific!


Not really a fan. Just so so. Hope you have better luck then we did.


Strange. On our trip last September i was THE one most looking forward to MM and guess what? I ended up disappointed and Sandy absolutely loved it!

I’m a huge Italian fan but MM bummed me out. Oddly i was blown away by Tony’s in MK. I expected a lot less of them and i loved the food & the service.
Like everyone says, you just have to go for it. Experiences can change trip to trip.


Momma’s seems to be hit or miss with most people. We ate there about three years ago and we weren’t huge fans. Our waitress was great, our table was nice, we didn’t have to wait, our appetizers were yummy but everything else was just…blah. It kind of reminded me of TGI Fridays or Applebee’s. It wasn’t terrible and I’d eat there over anywhere else available with the Fantasmic Package…which is probably the best thing to get if you want to see Fantasmic during a high traffic time.


:blow: Wow! I am glad someone likes it…I went in with low expectations and they totally met them. I loved the atmosphere there so much I might try them again one day.


I would not go back. I didn’t think the food was that great. Our waitress was horrible, she practically ignored our table. The next table waitress was better to us than our own.

But… as they said, seems to be hit and miss.


We ate there in July with the Fantasmic Pkg, and we had a great time. We had a fantastic waiter. He even made napkin roses for the girls! The food was good (altho it was FL Italian :glare: ) But OK . . . we enjoyed it! I wouldn’t say the service was slow, just they didn’t rush you, which was fine with us!

They also had ADORABLE blinking tinks they put on the kids drinks (capt. Hook for the boys) which made my DDS happy! :wub:


Il Mulino!!!:heart:


It was the only WDW place we’ve ever had bad service. Food was just OK.

I agree with the above though - Everything WDW is worth trying at least once.

Your mileage may vary… :laugh:


We are considering trying it in Sept. I guess I’ll have to take everyone’s advice and try for myself.


My whole family loved it. Great food, service and atmosphere.


Haven’t done it yet. We don’t do much Italian on vacation.


First of all, in order to make real Italian food, you have to have a couple of off the boat Italians. Not some 3rd generation kid whose mom and dad moved from NYC to Sebring.

(Wow, I hope the rest of you think this is funny. I’d hate to be wasting jokes on myself)