Mommyof2's 2010 trip report!


Here is the cast:
and my mother in law and father in law.

What a trip it was this year!! We left the house at about 7 pm on August 8th, with the intention of driving just a few hours. We got a good 5 hours in and called it a night in Princeton, WV. We got up the next day and headed to my husband’s cousin’s house in Watkinsville, Georgia. We only stayed one night as their kids had just started school that day!! Tuesday morning we hit the road again headed for our hotel in Orlando!! We got there Tuesday evening in enough time to have dinner and let the kids swim!! Wednesday and Thursday were spent at Sea World, we have never been there, only the one years ago when it used to be in Ohio!! My DS( talked me into riding the Manta-never again in my life!!!


Friday morning we headed to the Contemporary to check in!! We have never stayed there before and we were so very excited!! Upon check in I tried to add the DDP for the 2 days. They were not able to do it, stating that they needed 72 hours notice. This was not written anywhere that I was aware of, and the manager agreed, but no can do!! Since our rooms were not ready we headed to the outlets!!! For some reason Ohio feels the need to stop selling shorts by the end of July. Well, I had lost 20 pounds and needed some new shorts!! Luckily I found some, and on clearance too!! We got our texts around 2 pm that our rooms were ready, so back to the Contemporary we went!! It ended up that our rooms were in the garden wing, something that was not specified when I booked the rooms online. DH and MIL were not happy, and this is not what I envisioned for the Contemporary!! So, up to the front desk we went!! I asked for a manager, who said they were almost to capacity. I told him that this was “strike 2” and it was our first day in WDW!! He left for a few, then came back and said that if we paid a $35 a night upgrade charge he would “upgrade us again to the next level”. All I know is that we ended up with amazing rooms on the 9th floor overlooking the bay!!!


A few more pics. We had breakfast at CM the next morning!!


I will try to do some more tomorrow. A few weeks before the trip my DH was diagnosed with skin cancer and today was his surgery to remove the rest of the melanoma from his cheek-we were up way too early for his surgery-need to get some rest!!


Seems like you had a good start to your trip. I look forward to reading more.


Great start! I love Sea Word, glad you were able to get the room you wanted even if you had to pay more.

Wishing your DD husband all the best and prayers.


Great start to your TR!!! Love your pics and am glad that you ended up with a great view of the Bay. Sucks that they wouldn’t let you add the DDp thought.

Sorry to hear about your husband! I will keep him in my prayers!


I love that sleeping seal (?) picture!


I think he/she is a sea lion, but don’t know that for sure!!


awesome trip:smile: can’t wait to read more

sorry about your husband, wishing him all the best of luck


Friday, August 13th we had reservations for Trail’s End, something we had never done, but my in laws had. We took the boat to Fort Wilderness. We were about 30 seconds into the trip and it started to rain, then became a torrential downpour by the time we docked. My MIL had AN umbrella, so the kids huddled under that. FIL, DH and I made a mad dash to the first little building. We decided to wait a few to see if it would pass. Yeah, it just rained even harder!! I finally just ran and of course started to run towards the wrong building!!! The water was up to our ankles and by the time we got to the restaurant we were soaked to the bone!!! i asked for the nearest restroom and the CM pointed to the next building over. I was not about to go back in that rain. As I was trying to dry off with tissues, a really nice CM brought us some towels!! Our food was decent, but we completely froze the entire meal. Another reason I wanted on the DDP was that the dinner buffet for 2 adults and 2 kids was $97!!! Yikes!! After dinner we headed back to the Contemporary. We had a ressie for California Grille for dessert and fireworks, but we ended up cancelling since we were soaked and cold!! We watched the fireworks from the 4th floor balcony and caught part of the lit up boat parade on the bay.


Wow great report so far!! Sorry about the rain!! And I will keep you husband in my prayers!!


Saturday, August 14th was our first day in the parks. The inlaws stayed behind to spend the day at the Contemporary since we were only there for 2 nights. We headed straight to HS to ride TSM since it was due to close on Monday. We rode it 3 times in 45 minutes, using our Give a Day, Get a Day fastpasses. They were great, but did cause some problems- I was questioned a million times as to how I got fastpasses out of the machine when the sign says they are distributed for the day and they had tried minutes before. After TSM DS9 and I rode RnR twice for the very first time and both really liked it!! Next up was Star Tours on our GADGAD fastpasses, then MuppetVision that my DD7 absolutely loves. Last trip we saw it 3647859735 times and she never got tired of it!!
We headed back to the room as it was getting very hot. We took a break for a while and then headed to MK to see the last Nightastic fireworks. We rode Buzz and the people mover. We decided to head out afterwards, along with the rest of the state of Florida!! We really wanted to ride the monorail since we were staying at the Contemporary, but the line was unbelievably long. Much to the dismay of DD7, who was already in a mood, we walked back to the Contemporary. I must say it a pleasant little walk (minus her whining!!)!!
During our afternoon break we swam for a bit and then hit DtD. Of course we had to make a purchase at the Lego Store and walk grandma in front of the spitting Stitch at the WoD:biggrin:!!!
We had dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s and it was very good!!


Sunday, August 15th we checked into AKL Kidani Village for 10 nights!! That place is absolutely beautiful!! We were on the second floor, about 10 rooms from my inlaws. We were in the wing closest to Jambo House. We sure did get our exercise while staying there-everything was a hike!!!
Upon check in our rooms were not ready, so we headed to Jambo House to check out the pool and to eat, since we were now on the DDP!! For some reason when we checked in, the CM only told us about the Jambo House pool. I kept looking for the waterfall that I had seen in Wishy’s pics, so I figured there had to be another pool. We found it the next day and it was awesome!! I think I may like it more than Storm along Bay!!
After settling into our rooms, we headed back to HS to use another day of GADGAD fastpasses. Once again, we rode TSM 3 times in about 45 minutes. It was then time for our ressie at Mama Melrose, which was a first for us. The food was decent, the waiter a little slow. We were a party of 6, so the 18% gratuity was automatically added. That is fine with me, as long as the waiter/waitress has earned it. I can tell you one thing, we only had one meal the entire time that the waiter deserved his tip. It was very frustrating to pay 18% gratuity at a buffet, or when the service was less than stellar.
We did not have much time, so we rode The Great Movie Ride and the Little Mermaid and called it a night.
Once we were on the bus, my son realized he had left his Hidden Mickey book in MM or on TSM. He was devastated. I went to the front desk and filled out a form and they gave me the number to call Lost and found. I did call, but was on hold for over 45 minutes before I finally hung up!! Frustrating!!!
The photo below was the actual wait time for TSM-160 minutes!! That was the night before it closed!! Thank goodness for fastpasses!!


Please let me know if I am giving too many details!!!


No! Great TR, keep going.


<snerk> I don’t think I can answer that. :laugh:


Love it! Ready for more!


Never. I’m always amazed how people can keep track of things. You know how some people can say, we went to Casey’s and had 2 hot dogs with fries (18.95) two large sodas (4.59) and two boxes of cracker jacks ( 7.52), we ate at 2:47 PM, the temp was 87 and there was 23 people in line. My trip reports are more like “we went, we ate, we came home”.

By the way the prices are not valid, I just made them up for the post.


Loving the TR. Sorry to hear about your husband.