Mom's birthday


My mom’s birthday is on July 24 which is while we are in disneyland. She doesn’t want to do anything cutesy in the parks for her bday but we gotta do something somewhere. She doesn’t want to go to rainforest cafe, she already told us that, but what other fun things could we do? There will be 10 of us dining where ever we do go lol


Are you staying onsite? We had a wonderful meal at Hook’s Pointe at the Disneyland Hotel. It is more adult and not so cutsie, but still a fun theme.


y don’t you ask her where in disneyland would she like to eat


When you get into the park, go to City Hall, get her a Birthday Button to wear, she will then get a special call at the City Hall desk from a certain “special” character, the button is fun and its a great keep-sake. As for a Birthday meal, Maybe look into The Blue Bayou, or The Napa Rose in the Grand Californian, they’re both perfect restaurants for an adult Birthday Meal, Hook’s Point at The Disneyland Hotel is fab too. Maybe ask what kind of food or dinner she would be interested in and go from there? There is plenty to do in the parks for a Birthday that is not over the top and plenty of places to eat at in the resort as well, but it all depends on the person.


how do u know she would go there i say more on how her mom feels


Well assuming they’re are going to be at DLR, I assumed they would go into the parks, being at a Disney resort and not going into the parks would be kind of a waste don’t you think? And I wasn’t telling her where to take her mom, I was throwing out suggestions as to what might be a few fun things to do for a low-key birthday celebration while at the resort, if you notice I also mentioned things to do outside of the parks as well, and I also stated various times that it all depends on what the person/her mom prefers/likes.


her mom might not want to pay the high $$ Disney is now selling there stuff at


Actually, DLR’s menu’s are fairly reasonably priced and not overly expensive, and many of the dining options in DTD offer great values too.


with disneys prices going so is there food


Oh goodness. This thread could take a bad turn. Anyway, she keeps wanting ideas that are outside the parks. Every time i bring something up inside the parks she makes some sort of excuse lol but i really don’t know what there is outside the parks besides a few restaurants.


Downtown Disney Offers a ton of different and good places. The Gardenwalk has some good places, Cheesecake Factory is one along with some good others, located on the Katella Ave and Harbor Blvd side. There is a Tony Roma’s across the street, there is also a nice steak house down harbor past Katella Ave. There is plenty in the area. :smile:


Well we all have different opinions :smile: