Money for WDW?


:eek: Just wondering—how do you guys save for Disney. We waite for TAX returns! Any other suggestions? We are not rich by no means :wacko: but go every year. What’s money anyway if you can’t enjoy life? :blush: :mickey: :blush: :mickey: :blush:


I wish I knew where I could get some more!!!

We too use our income tax return and put the entire refund toward our WDW visit. We used to go every year, we missed in 2003 but went this year in March.

We try to list a few items on ebay and use for extra spending cash. I also save my change. It isn’t much but it can pay for a meal at a sit down resturaunt.

Would like to hear other’s opinions as well.


We are saving for our first trip and here’s some things we do:

  1. Kids can get allowance in Disney Dollars purchased at the Disney Store.

  2. is a survey company for KIDS, DS earned $15 in surveys in less than 5 months. It’s for kids from 6-14 I think.

  3. I have a Disney Visa. I put EVERYTHING on it, gas, groceries, doctor bills, Walmart, insurance, our Disney trip and I’ve earned enough for 2 character meals and the ice cream social in just 8 months.

  4. We save our change.

  5. I joined some survey groups and have earned about $30 in surveys in the last 6 months. If you are interested PM me for their links.

  6. We’re also going in Value Season and staying at a Value Resort and we got the 5+2 Dreamaker package.

  7. We’re taking the AutoTrain which is the cheapest way for us to go, faster/cheaper than driving ourselves and we’ll still have our own car when we get to Florida.

  8. We’re packing lots of water, breakfast food and snacks to save too while we are there.

  9. We had a big yard sale (actually 2) this summer. The kids wanted spending money for a Pal Mickey so they had to sell some toys they weren’t playing with anymore. That was a win/win situation for me, got rid of some stuff out of their rooms and the attic AND made some money.

I’d like to hear more ideas too.


We do lots of the things that cahogbin pointed out. The other this that we do is save found money. When we get a product rebate, it’s found money and we save it in the change jar. Win a $10 bet against a friend, found money. NJ saver rebate (it’s a NJ property tax rebate), found money.

You would be surprised how often this happens in 365 days. :whistling


For us saving change gave us 800 towards our last trip.
Using our Disney Visa gave us another 300.
We are pretty cheap all year long until we get to WDW to splurdge!!


Well I am miss frugal and I really tried everything even as far as to stay off site. That really was a savings, it even included breakfast and kids eat free. We probably won’t be doing that this time so I too will bring food and stop off at the store. :blink:
For two years, we saved all of our change and saved $875. That was pretty exciting! And of course, we couldn’t go if it wasn’t for taxes and DH bonus (lets keep our fingers crossed in march). :blush:
We told our DD’s at the beginning of saving crunch that if they wanted to buy things, they had to save their own money and they did! Each of them were able to take $70 and to a 5 yr. old, thats a lot! They were very inventive in their money making with things like chores and birthdays, but one way made them a lot. First, you tell your grandparents and they were willing to give them extra $ here and there and second, eveytime an adult would say a swear word, they would have to pay a dollar to who ever caught it. Lets just say between their grandfathers, they earned a lot! :wub:
I think it’s really worth it to have your kids bring their own spending money.
I would also NEVER go during peak season! :wacko:
Hope this helps


I think that the disney dollar idea that cahogbin came up with was great. That is a great way to plan for a trip and keep the kids happy!
Great post!:slight_smile:


We use our tax return too!! But we also have a vacation fund at our bank and $20 a week goes automatically in our account for vacation!! It is not alot but we don’t miss it either and that gives us extra spending $$$$!!


Heh, open up a new credit card, ending up in debt, then getting another credit card!
You know hopefully I’ll be a high paid exec at wdw and maybe can pay off my past wdw vacas. I mean if I work there I most def won’t take vaca’s there? Will I?? I mean thats part of my plan to pay off the debts…If I still vaca there I think I’m screwed…


I put it on my Disney Visa and say, “What the heck? Charge it!!!” :blink: And then I use the Disney dollars from charging the vacation to pay for the food while I’m there. Then I bartend six days a week for three months, schmooze schmooze schmooze, :biggrin: and I pay it off. :mickey:


I look at it this way, if you wait till you can afford it you might never get there. Life is too short, so just save up as much money as you can. Use your tax refund (which by the way is your money given back to you by the IRS, but that’s another story), read all the suggestions by DCer’s and try to use as many as you can to save money on your vacation. But bottom line is GO!!! Joe


We also use our tax returns…if we waited until we could “afford” it we would NEVER get there! I thought we were the only ones who did that, though!! HAHA! I thought all you guys were extremely rich :c)
We charge and then use the tax return to pay it off right away. I can NOT go into debt for vacation…I just can’t do it!
I’ve also used a school loan to go :c( Is that so redneck of me to admit??!? LOL!
Oh well, I love Disney!


I pay for my trip with my tax return, but start saving for my trip the week I come home from a WDW trip. I save all of my loose change and turn it into Disney dollars. this trip I am prepaying for many of my meals by buying meal vouchers on hotwire. I try and budget enough for us to indulge at will. I do not worry about cost or price the entire trip, but do not buy ridiculous things either. It takes me a year to save for that kind of fun, but it’s worth it to me and easy to do if you pay a little off at a time. Starting a year in advance and saving change, I have already saves $200 in spending money in just Disney dollars alone. By buying a few vouchers when I get paid, I am making it even easier on myself later. About two month before the trip, I will start saving some major spending money. After I figure the cost of every meal I intend to have, tips, towncar, and “others”. I will get a grand total divide it by the number of weeks left to my trip and put that exact dollar amount away. It helps that my Christmas shopping is done too. So, this November instead of buying Christmas gifts, I will be saving for a WDW trip!


We did what a lot of other people have said… saved change, tax return, odds and ends money… the other thing we used to do was if and when we got a raise, we would take that additional income and put it into a special account (trips, major expenses…) for nearly 3 years, we never had a “raise”, lived off of what we were making and had plenty of money for Disney.


Dh works for the company. :biggrin:


Lucky Disneywife :c)


We are going in September with our 21 month old son. We have savings, tax check, and bonus; however, I have found that the pudding is on the deals. We didn’t just look at packages, we looked alacart. We found out that alacart can be cheaper. We used the Entertainment card to get 50% on our room, searched for 3 months using Orbitz deal detector as a guide (we found airfare for $135 rd pgh to orlando just by being patient), we went on line for tranporation and found the best deal for us, we are going to the grocery store when we get there to save money in food. We feel just because we may have the money, doesn’t mean Disney should have all of it.


We also save by useing our Disney Visa. We have enough Disney Dollars for quite a few meals. Our older DS saves his allowance and lots of change!! Every bit helps!
I love the idea of the allowance being paid in Disney Dollars! What a great thought!


I’m set to cash in my change soon…I estimate there’s about $100 in those 2 jars! LOL.


We have one of those huge Crystal Rock water tanks, and pile in the change evryday.
Disney Visa will give us some extra $$$ this time as well.

But one of the best…seeing how much YOU can actually save when you plan it in advance (except for AP rates - which gives you an additional cash right at the end) When we save that much, well hey, can’t pass that up.

Also we get to go to Disneyland every January. We attend a big trade show, stay at the Disneyland Resort, eat, and it’s all one big expense on my company.

Den (signed in under DW’s name…sorry)