Monorail and bus service


Anybody know how late the Disney transportation system runs? I’m looking into staying at the Grosvenor Resort (right by Downtown Disney.) I’ve never stayed there, and am curious how difficult it will be to get back to the hotel in the evenings. I read somewhere if you’re at MK or EP, take the monorail to the transportation center, then bus to Downtown Disney, but what if you’re at MGM or AK?
Also, do the buses run to Blizzard Bay?
I’ve alway stayed off property and had my own car on previous trips.


tonksky, my DW and I stayed there Memorial Day weekend and to be honest, if you can get a room somewhere else, I thoroughly recommend it. In the next couple days I am planning on doing my trip report from then.

GR is the last stop on the non-Disney resorts in DTD. The buses did not run at all at the times that were posted and when it did show up, the bus was packed tighter than a sardine can. Coming back from the parks took 45 minutes or more.

Your best bet would be to walk across the street to DTD and grab one of the Disney buses back to a resort and then hop a bus from there to a park.


Thanks! And - I just realized I posted this in the Theme Parks forum, not the resorts forum like I’d intended! Oops! It really is late for me!


Hi Tonksky! The busses and monorails from the parks run for about an hour after each park closes (maybe two hours?). Busses to and from Downtown Disney run til 2am. Disney Transport busses do go back and forth between Disney resorts and Blizzard Beach. When I’m somewhere very late, I usually just take a cab…


Bus Infomation


We stayed there several years ago and it wasn’t anything spectacular. We arrived a night before our reservations began at All-Star Sports (we were there to watch DD play in a youth soccer tourney at Wide World of Sports).

A couple times when we arrived a day early like that, we got a room at a DTD hotel. But to tell you the truth, we won’t do it anymore. The DTD hotels aren’t any less expensive than moderate or value Disney resorts and there is no comparison in the quality!

May I be so bold as to inquire why you don’t just stay at a Disney Resort on-site? It’s really the best option!


Transport to and from theme parks qualifies this thread for the theme park forum as well as the resort forum, and probably other Disney areas as well. Don’t worry.


If transportation is a major consideration for where you stay while visiting WDW, you won’t do better than the official Disney resorts or Starwood’s Swan and Dolphin. The DTD resorts pool their shuttle operations together, and don’t operate nearly as often as Disney Transport. I don’t really know what else to offer as advice.


Well, for those who asked why - the main thing is we need some sort of suite - 3 beds for friends who don’t really want to have to sleep together. :laugh: (I’m traveling with 2 male friends who don’t want to sleep with each other, and my husband, who doesn’t mind me traveling with male friends, REALLY wouldn’t like me sharing a bed with either of them.) Any on property resorts with enough sleeping areas (like 2 beds + fold out couch for example) are about $200/night. I know there’s the All Stars suites now, but they only make sense, price wise, if you have at least 4 people. The non-suite rooms in the Value Resorts only have 2 double beds.
So…we’re just looking into all our options. We’re trying to save a little money, so we have more to spend while we’re down there! But, thanks to everybody’s feedback on GR, we WONT be staying there!


I think that dollar-wise, the All Star suites might make the best sense for you. I don’t know anywhere else on property you’ll get 3 or four beds for that price. And with All Star, you’d have your own room.