Monorail is it closed?


We are planning a trip Oct. 1 and we are staying at the DL Hotel because we like the ease of the Monorail. According to the DL site the Monorail is currently closed and will be closed during our trip.:angry: If you are there in the next few days/weeks can you check it out.




When we were there this past February, it was half closed, and no one could go all the way around the track.

I did hear they were going to shut it all down, mostly because of refurbishment of the lagoon ride.

But to make up for it, a bunch of us are going to be at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen at 5:00 p.m. on the 2nd of October! :laugh:


Yeah i’m pretty sure it is closed.


I called Disney reservation and asked about the Monorail. It is and will be closed… I tried to move our reservations to the Grand California, but nothing is available. So I guess my hubby and daughter will stroll DTD.


We are going in mid-november, any word on when it will be back up?


The thing is, right now you’re better off walking through DTD anyway. Taking the monorail is a 100% pain-in-the-butt while it’s only running half-trips (because of the work on the lagoon).

As stinky as it seems for it to be closed, it may actually be a blessing. The monorail has become the #1 source of frustration for resort guests recently, because there are ALWAYS lines, and it’s ALWAYS full. :pinch:

Disney even recently limited guests boarding at DTD to resort guests only - how they monitor this I don’t know - but it didn’t seem to change anything.

The walk through DTD isn’t too much longer! :happy: You guys will still have a great time!


Yes, when we went in June parts of the track were shut down and it was only runing back and forth from DTD station right into Tomorrowland and back, no trips around the full track. They were also checking our resort ids everytime we entered the station at DTD to make sure we were staying at a DL Resort. I agree with Dznygrl, the walk through DTD can be entertaining and it seems so short.


Ok… so maybe I will burn off few extra calories so I can eat even more goodies…


That’s a PERFECT way of looking at it! :blush:


CM told me late December 2006… It is a bummer


Its officially closed until Mid to Late December, Possibly even January…until the new cars arrive. Work is now also being done to the DTD station and the track.


Well there you go! :happy: You can reward yourself with a treat each day and not feel bad about it!!


The website said it would be running one direction only when I went two weeks ago, but it was totally shut down the two days we were there.


I totally agree. While I usually take the monorail at least once, it really isn’t practical. With only one monorail running this last year or so the lines move sooo slow.

You can walk it much faster and it really is magical to walk through DtD in the morning when the sun is just coming up and everyone is excited to be headed to DL. And same with the walk back at night. All the musicians set up and the lights everywhere. It is an awesome walk. Plus, think of all that great exercise!! :happy:

And Dznygrl, resort guests have to show this little slip that you get when you check in. It has your stay dates printed on it so they know you are a current guest.


Thanks twist! :happy: I’ve never stayed onsite so I didn’t know that. CMs were the first people they banned from using the monorail when it started its one-way trips. :tongue: So I haven’t ridden it in forever! If I tried to use my CM ID to get into the park that way, I woulda gotten booted fast. LOL


On my last trip to DL I did not take the Monorail to DL even once… The line was always too long! :pinch:

We were able to walk right past teh station and beat nearly everyone waiting for the Monorail.