Monorail midi help!


Does anyone know where I can find midis/mp3s from the theme parks? I used to have two from the monorail (“welcome…” and “pleast stand clear…” ) but I can’t find them on my hard drive or google anywhere! Anyone know a good site? R2G? You seem to know your way around the virtual disney highway! :biggrin:


Oh and while we’re on the subject I would love to have the soundbite from Big Thunder Mountain, “Get ready for the wildest ride in the wilderness!”


PM me what ya’ll would like with your email address and I’ll send them out ASAP. :smile:

Here is part of what I have. I have a lot of MP3’s of Park stuff.

Here are some Midi and MP3 files:


Ya’ll find what you were looking for? :smile:


Thanks for the PM R2G! It’s a little longer than I was looking for, but its the thought that counts! I love it. :smile: Also I couldn’t figure out your first link…


It is a list of what I have in MP3 form that I could email to you :smile: I’m about to post some in the “A Lot of Disney Videos” Thread.


Here is the full Monorail ride:smile:


More Disney Audio links here:


Wow!! R2G, these are amazing!! Thanks so much for all of these links!


“Howdy folks. Please keep your hands and arms inside the train and remain seated at all times. Hang on to those personal belongins now, especially them hats and glasses, cause this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness…”

I have this one if you want it, just shoot me an email or PM… I love it, but it makes me sad that they don’t even use this on the ride anymore. They replaced it with a new recording a year or two ago… :sad:


You are Welcome :smile: You can always go straight to them by Clicking the link in my signature.


Here you go :smile:

Magic Kingdom-Big Thunder Mountain Safety Spiel