Monorail question


It has been a few year since I have taken a ride on the monorail at DL. Can anyone ride on the monorail, do you have to be staying at a DL resort, and/or do you have to use an admission ticket to ride. Its been a while since I was 9.




You must have a valid admission ticket to ride the Monorail at Disneyland. That hasn’t always been the case. They used to sell a round trip ticket for the Monorail. You would board at the hotel station(now DTD station). They would put you and your party in the last car…in the separate section that had a separate door, lock you in and you’d be on your way! I did that a few times before I had my annual pass…just to get my Disneyland fix. :slight_smile:


Thank you!! I am planning a trip there later this year.


You are welcome! Happy planning and welcome to MB!:happy:


Yepp you have to have a park ticket but lately the rules can change at any time during the day. They only have 1 monorail running full time which can be very slow at times. Because of this there have been times where it is only a one way trip which everyone can go on but like if you get on at tomorrowland then you have to get off at downtown disney or the other way around. Then they also limit it to only people staying at an onsite resort.

Hope that helps