Monorail Resorts Dinner


Need some opinions:

If you were traveling with a large party (13 total) which includes 4 kids (ages 9 to 11) who are very picky about what they eat, where would you try to eat a sit down dinner? We will never get Ohana’s at this late date so that is out. Need ideas!!



The two that come to mind are Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary and 1900 Park Fare at the GF. Of course, they are character meals. Don’t know if that’s what you’re after. If you wanted to head into the MK, Liberty Tree Tavern has a family-style dinner, but no characters.


For a party that large that has picky eaters, I suggest Whispering Canyon Cafe as it’s easy to seat large parties there and the food is consistently good with plenty of “plain jane” options. The Grand Floridian cafe is a little fancier, but good food and easy to seat a party that large. Not sure how close you are to your vacation, but llama has a good suggestion with 1900 PArk Fare for the sake of variety. Chef mickey’s, if you are past your 180 mark, will be next to impossible for a party of 13.


We’ve had 16 at Kona (Poly), 1/2 had adr and the other 1/2 didn’t but they accommodated easily. It’s not a buffet or character meal so the kids will be able to order what they like. Never had bad food or service there. After dinner you could walk out to the beach for movie, water parade & fireworks too.


These are all really good ideas. And honestly a few that I would not have considered. Many thanks!