Monorail Resorts


We are taking a day to resort hop since we will be there when things are decorated for Christmas. Which hotels are on the monorail loop? I thought it would be easiest to start with them, we are staying at Caribbean Beach.



Poly, Contemporary, and Grand Floridian.


Poly and GF are beautiful during Christmas time. Make sure to WL on your stops because that one is really breathtaking!!! Enjoy!!


Yep, what Cosmicwaves said. :wink:

Those are the 3 on the monorail, and will be the easiest to get to. Other resorts will not be as easy (though Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge can both be explored by taking a boat from the MK.)

It may easiest to take the monorail to Epcot, and get to the Epcot resorts from there? I’m not positive if that’s sound advice though.

All the other resorts are kind of on their own, you’ll have to take a bus to each one individually. Allow a lot of time! Resort hopping is a blast! :happy:


after the monorail route, take the boat from the contemporary to the WL
then take the Epcot Monorail to the Epcot resorts.


Take the bus to the MK. Head to the resort monorail and go to the Contemporary, then the Polynesian and finally the Grand Floridian. Perhaps make an ADR at WL for whispering canyon. Take the boat launch from the mk after your “tour” and check out their decore and have dinner. End hte ngiht with watching the water pagent on WL’s beach…sounds like a perfect WDW day to me.


If you can, also try to check out the Epcot resorts, as well. EVERY resort is decorated for the holidays and each has its own charm!!!



I love resort hopping especially around the holidays.GF is beautiful.


Here are my summary observations:

  • Grand Floridian has the BEST decorations of all the WDW resorts. Worth a trip on it’s own.
  • Polynesian is a close second in that it’s really unique to see a mixed motif of warm Pacific tropics with Santa and the North Pole. Again, worth a visit.
  • The AKL does a great job with decorations, but being on the outskirts of WDW property, it’s really only worth a visit if you can do something else, like sit down for a drink or have dinner at Boma’s. You could also consider call the AKL lobby to see what entertainment might be planned.
  • The Epcot Resorts would be great for a visit if you’re in the mood for a good walking tour. YC/BC, Swan, Dolphin and the BW Villas are all charmingly decorated. If you start at the International gateway and walk around the BW area starting with the YC/BC, then to the Swan and Dolphin, then ending at the Villas, you could finish your tour with a nice lunch or dinner on the BoardWalk.

I’ve heard wonderful things about the Wilderness Lodge as well. I suspect it’s worth it’s own trip.

The Contemporary is nice, but somewhat sedate and, IMO, not worth its own visit. I’d also suspect that the Moderates would fall in the same category. But, again, that’s just me.

Have FUN! :mickey:


The one time we stopped at the Contemporary to view decorations,we didn’t see a single one!!


I’ll be there from 118 - 11/22. Will the decorations be up then? Which hotel has the giant gingerbread house?