Monorail Video


for anyone who’s hurtin’ for a fix…here’s a video of a monorail ride, next best thing to being on one. YouTube - Soarin’ over Walt Disney World


:smile: :mickey: I am getting the itch 21 days to go! Great vid.


Pretty cool! Thanks for the fix. The monorail spiel always brings back so many good memories.


OMG I love it!!! I cant wait any longer! I loved the part where the guy in the beginning was mouthing the Spanish version of “…Please stand clear of the doors…Por favor mentega se alejado de las puertas…” haha!


Wow, that was great. Just what the doctor ordered.
I have never taken the monorail but once from Epcot to the TTA?
Going for 10 day this time, I think I can squeeze in a round trip throught the resorts :happy:


Goosebumps!!! Love the vid . . . thanks for the post . . . riding in the FRONT with the driver is always so much FUN!! :mickey:


Oh I loved that! My boys can’t wait to ride the monorail!!


just what i needed thanks


How about this one?

YouTube - Back Stage at Disney, Busted Amusement Ride


Are you kidding? Is this even possible? I’ve ridden the monorail more times on many days than you have in all your visits.


I like the way the person with the camera ducked it when the CM went by. I was taken off Big Thunder last August, and the CMs are really harsh about guests not taking pictures backstage. Like the guests wanted to be there in the first place. I think that was WDW, not Disneyland.


Hey! They got the front seat!! I love the front!


No, I am not kidding. So it is definitely on the list of must do’s.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


…well, I wasn’t hurtin’ for a fix until I clicked that link. Curse you, floridaorange!


I really enjoyed that! Thanks for posting the link.


Oh, Thank You!! This helps with my monorail deficiency syndrome!:laugh: :laugh:


Dopey… you will love the ride from TTA to EC. That view as you loop over EC is so terrific! I get chills… I like to sit ont he left side for the view, and kids like to sit on the right… for the view! LOL!!


sorry :crying: , misery loves company LOLOLOL :laugh:


That was very funny!