Can you get off of the monorail at World Showcase? I don’t remember being able to, but I was looking a map of Epcot and wondering why it would make the circle to World Showcase if you can’t get off or on.:blush:


No it doesn’t stop at World Showcase, but my DH says it goes through Epcot to go back to MK.


The WDW monorails do not have stations inside any park.
Yes, the Epcot line does loop around Future World and overlooks World Showcase Lagoon, but the only monorail station inside an American Disney park is Tomorrowland in Disneyland, but you have to “enter” the park from the Downtown Disney station between the Disneyland Hotel and the Grand Californian.
The WDW monorail system is a true transport system to move guests from the TTC to Epcot and the MK entrances.

There are two different monorail lines in WDW, Epcot to TTC and TTC to MK express plus the local resort loop that serves the 3 hotels, TTC, and MK.


Thanks! I didn’t think we could access it from World Showcase - but I would love to not have to walk back to the park entrance after a long day at the park!


The monorail runs through Epcot in order to give guests a quick look at the park, increasing excitement and anticipation with a visual “preview”. it also adds kinetics to the area.


No, but I sure as heck wish it did. Would be great for dinner reservations to go from your hotel and not have to walk that mile.


I agree, I wish they would even have a bus drop off somewhere towards the back. They would not have to make a whole bus stop station, just a stop to get off while looping to the front.


I agree too- late in the day its an awfully long walk- much much longer than when we arrived in the park:biggrin:


Just think if they had gone ahead with Walt’s idea for EPCOT and imagine how hot it would have been under that dome.