Monster's Inc and Finding Nemo plug


yesterday, i was watching “Monster’s Inc” on Encore. towards the end when Sully returns Boo to her room, he picks up some of her toys. when i first saw the movie, i noticed he had a jessie doll in his hand. but yesterday, as he kept picking more toys up, one of the toys just happened to be Nemo!!! did anyone notice this, too? they must have been in the early processing of making “Finding Nemo” to have put him in “Monster’s Inc.”


Now you’ve got me wondering. Guess we will have to watch that tonight. I love when they put little things from one movie into another.


There are several movies that came out recently with cameo’s from other movies. My kids noticed the two examples you mentioned to me right away.


This makes me wonder if there have been any plugs for “The Incredibles” or “Cars” in Nemo.


hey, it’s a reasonable excuse to watch Disney movies. you watch them to see if there are any kind of plugs from different movies. it’s fun.


yep…couldn’t resist. Just finished watching it and I saw Nemo!!! classic find! :happy:


DH didnt believe me when I told him about it, when I noticed it during DD Monster’s phase, so we sat down and spent some quality family time watching the movie. And he just laughed that I was such a disney freak that I noticed that. Must admit that I havent seen the incredibles yet so I havent caught any other plugs yet, though I too am always on the look out. :pirate: