Monster's Inc at MGM?


My son noticed something on the Disney Channel yesterday and said they were going to have a new attraction at MGM. Anyone know if this is true and what it exactly is??


I haven’t seen any news on this, but I hope it’s true!


I think it may have been the Monsters Inc. attraction at Disney’s California Adventure. It could have looked like MGM b/c it’s near the “Muppet 3-D” attraction at that park. I saw the “preview” on the Disney channel too of the ride, so I am pretty sure that’s what he may have seen also. Although, if it came to MGM that would be awesome too!


Exactly what was thinking. They probably referenced an area shared between the two parks. Since it was Disney channel, it had to be on something already opened… they never show future projects that far out.


I wish it was true, that would be so cool.


Yeah, we’ve seen that commercial a few times, it has Ashley Tisdale in it, who my dd is obsessed with. It’s the Monsters, Inc. ride in CA

Bummah, huh? :sad:


It would be nice to have the Monster’s Inc ride at MGM too. :smile:


That’s funny my DD watches the Disney Channel all the time and she just mentioned that new ride to me last night. She’ll be a little disappointed when I tell her its in Cali.


No Daydreamer…

That just means you HAVE TO take her to CALI!!! heheh!!! :angel:


I just heard it was called Mike and Sulley to the rescue or something. I read a little about it and you go in on a cart and they redo the scenes of the movie like they would be in real life. Sounds pretty awesome.


But y’all know how Disney likes to use the same ride system in multiple parks to save on money. If the Monsters Inc ride goes over well in DL, then I bet we can expect it in WDW in the future… That would be GREAT for me. I’d love to see it in MGM…


Yeah, it’s CA. The only Monsters Inc. thing I saw at MGM was a not very visible Meet and Greet by the ABC Commissary .


Well daydreamer, have to break the news to my DS that its in Cali. Oh well…


Too bad! That would have been a great treat for my kids!


It’s already being installed at Tokyo Disneyland, so it’s Highly likely to repeat in Florida.


yeah it’s at DCA, had a big opening not long ago

Here is a link to a video download of the ride if anyone wants it…

Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!


Maybe they could put that in Tomorrowland where the Timekeeper thingy is??


maybe in disneystudios.:mickey:


I’ve heard several rumors that a Monsters Inc. attraction will be installed in the former Timekeeper home. However, it won’t be a ride, it will be an experience similar to Turtle Talk with Crush. I don’t really know if I like this idea, but I don’t think that anything else can fit into that show building because most of the space is taken up by Buzz Lightyear. But I’ve seen Imagineers do some pretty impressive things, so anything’s possible.


No fair. Why do they get it before us? :angry: