Monsters Inc comedy club


I just found this and thought I’d share it all with you…• The Laugh Floor Comedy Club at Magic Kingdom – Guests find the power of laughter in an engaging and interactive new adventure inspired by Disney-Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” as they match wits with the one-eyed hero Mike Wazowski and his friends. (Early 2007)
Looks pretty good. I hd never heard about it until now~ anyone heard about this yet? Where will it be in the MK?


I heard about it as well, I cannot wait, I think it will be great! Don’t know where in Mk though??


It will be in tomorrowland, I believe where the timekeeper used to be…


It sounds like a lot of fun. And, I’m glad they’ve found a use for the Timekeeper building. Now, if only they could come with something for the Wonders of Live pavillion at EPCOT…but that’s a subject for another thread


I’ve heard rumors about it but nothing definate. It sounds like it’s gonna be a hoot. I wonder if it is using the same technology as Turtle Talk with Crush, or if it is going to Audio Animatronics, or live action characters?


Sounds like fun! I love new Disney stuff!!!


Sounds like fun, I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


I like the thought of this. However, when I saw “Monsters Inc. Laughing Floor Comedy Club”, I for a moment thought this was going into Pleasure Island. Just run with me on this. Replace the current comedy club with the Monsters Inc club. Naturally, we have standup comics costumed as monsters. Perhaps even Mike Wazowski. The standups wouldn’t be able to do more than 20 minutes before they fry, but it gives more comics a chance. As a gimic, Billy Crystal opens the club, and periodically throughout the year, he could drop in from time to time. Can you just imagine Billy Crystal doing standup with that one eyeball. Maybe you could tempt Robin Williams to appear with Crystal as The Timekeeper.
Hmmm, Billy Crystal is replacing Robin Williams in that building, and who can forget all the times they worked together for Comic Relief. Syncronicity.
Look, I know this is crazy, but I bet you’d all laugh your butts off.


I love the idea! My girls love Monsters Inc. Will it be smething they can see yet? They are 2 & 3 now!


Soundgod and I must have been replying at the same time. I loveyour idea soundgod!!! When I first started reading this thread, I too thought it would be in P.I. replacing the current commedy club!!!


It’s not a rumor, it’s definite!!
Says it about mid page!


aww, I was hoping for a Monsters Inc dark ride there. But oh well - a Turtle Talk type thing will be great too!


Oh goodie! Another new thing to look forward to!!


I can’t wait - I hope we get some dates soon of when some of these things will open. Fall of 2006 isn’t enough I want to know if anything will be open when I am there in October! LOL :laugh:


I’ve not heard of this, but I will most certainly check it out if it comes to fruition! Sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun! :happy: