Monsters Inc video now available!


There is now a Monsters Inc video ready for downloading at! Hope you all enjoy the video! Now for one thing, for those of you who might not get what they queue is of, your going through a Taxi and Bus Terminal getting ready to take a tour of the city, so thats what the queue is of…and during your tour is when Boo gets into the city, now yall know what the queue is of, etc. :smile:


Thanks for the link! I, for one, am happy that limo thingy is gone. VERY unhappy that the Who wants to be a millionaire is gone, as it somehow validated my smarts… Well, sort of. My seat number kept showing up at the end of the half hour a lot…


AWESOME!! Thank you forthe link Tim! I wanna go nooww!!!


Your most very welcome Tessa! My pleasure. :smile:


Yea it may be gone and such a huge building is empty but I have heard of some great ride ideas that are planned to fill the building in the future, not sure what they will decided to fill it but I have heard some great ideas.


Great!!! I just watched it with the kids and when it was over my DD asked if we can go on it again :mickey:


Thanks for the link! I’m going to watch it when I get off this work computer and onto my home computer.

Than I’m going to want to go… :sad:


aww thats so cute! I always watch all the ride videos from with my 2 and a half year old nephew and he LOVES it, he comes into my room in the morning and says “Tessha, we go shee dshhieyyyand?”


i LOVED the video. it was soo awesome! i cannot wait to go on it! yay!!!


oh soooo cool i can’t wait to go


Wow, thanks for the link–the ride looks great! :mickey:


No, it doesnt look great…it IS great, lol. :wink: :tongue:


go to that has the same video also.


SWEET! Thanks! :biggrin:


Just out of curiosity Goof Father, where do you live, what I mean by this is are you a DLR prone person or a WDW prone person (which one do you travel to more?). I dont have a real reason as to why Im asking this, Im just simply curious.


I am up in the Portland Oregon area… About 1000 miles away! :pinch: I have NEVER been to WDW yet, so I am very DLR prone! :wink: And I just did get back from DLR just a couple weeks ago, so I guess I am due for some Post DIsney Depression any day now! :sad:

I suspect my next Disney trip will be to WDW. We very nearly went there instead for our last trip, but we decided to do the 50th at DLR. :happy: