Monsters Inc


What time is the charachter meet n greet? My son loves Mike and Sully!!!


Check this site:


Always depends on the week. Both of those meet usually about 6X a day starting about 10:30am. Also look for them in the parade…aw man you made me remember how long it’s been since I’ve helped Sulley!!! TOO LONG!!!


Rowdy, how many characters do you help? Must be fun helping such magical characters! (sorry for the threadjack!)


LOL Gotta love a derail from the subject. No prob Tessa. As of right now I’ve got 21 characters under my belt that I’ve “helped.” With more and more movies in the works though, plus many more characters who are “retired” but can be brought back for specials, hopefully I’ll get more and more!

And now…back to the subject at hand. :tongue: :happy: