Monster's Inc


Not sure if this is what the reall thing will be like, but I thought it was cute!!


Is this for WDW? The one at DL is very similar.


Wow, that is cool. Maybe that is similar to the DCA one or the one going in Tokyo. The one at WDW is going to be more like Turtle Talk with more interactive elements.


So this is for WDW?


very cool- is that for real?


I love the last part of the ride…
“Sully reveals that he gave Harold all the children he’ll ever want by sending him to It’s a Small World” :laugh:


Is this for WDW?

I like the one here at DL. It’s not over-the-top fabulous, but it’s fun…and I LOVE the end when Roz can talk to you! OMG she is so hilarious! (She tried to steal my “hunk of a husband” from me once! :eek: :laugh:)


Even though it just looks like some guy’s own design, it is very cool.

Has there been any word of the ride coming to WDW?


Not a ride, just the Laugh Floor Comedy Club where the Timekeeper used to be. Again, it will be like a much more interactive version of turtle talk. (Maybe in house effects, plus I hear an animatronic)

Here’s some official spiel so far:

The Laugh Floor Comedy Club – Magic Kingdom guests will laugh, joke, sing songs and match wits with the beloved animated characters from the Disney presentation of Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.” in an engaging and interactive attraction being created by the Disney Imagineers. The Laugh Floor Comedy Club features the one-eyed hero, Mike Wazowski, who has opened a comedy club to collect laughs that will generate electricity for the monster world of Monstropolis. As Monster-of-Ceremonies, Mike recruits two comedian wanna-bes whose slapstick humor delights and engages audiences. The fun reigns at a 400-seat theater in Tomorrowland. (Early 2007)


Do you think early 2007 means January, LOL


That sounds cool! :whistling


I am very excited about The Laugh Floor Comedy Club. I hope that this attraction integrates both AA’s and state-of-the-art computer technology (Turtle Talk). I would love to see a Roz AA in the queue line and a Mike AA in the attraction next to the screen.


I’d love to see more interactive things like that at Disneyland. I think it would be awesome if you could talk to your favorite disney characters (in animatronics of course) like Stitch, Thumper, and other animal characters that they can’t really have out in costume. It could be kind of like what Walt did for Club 33- they could assign a different person to each character and they could have a microphone somewhere around (or in) the character. When whoever was talking to it talks to it, the CM would hear what they said and could reply. There could be buttons to control the actions of the character even! But that’s just me… maybe someday (like in 3000! haha) they may just have it…


Very cool! Kudos to that guy for such a great project!


this is soooooooooooo cute!!! i would love to see this in WDW. it is so imaginative and so creative. i love it. when can i go on?