More Avatar Land info



…looks like I will be avoiding that whole arm of the park entirely…:frown:


If a ride system like Soarin’ is the big “E” ticket draw they have under achieved already.


That article was written before the big Lucasfilm announcement… so I’m going to continue to hope that in light of the Star Wars news, Avatar just quietly goes away.


Ok…I will join you with that…Avatar doesn’t even have to go quietly…it can go kicking and screaming for all I care…just go!!! :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Wasn’t there something a couple of months ago about the whole idea being nixed because of “creative differences”?


I hope they fail with Cameron. I think this mythical addition to Animal Kingdom would be much cooler without the Avatar branding.


Not as long as that ago I read something about that as well.

I was just getting used to the idea of Avatarland .


This doesn’t interest me either.


Too PC and lame for me. Hated the movie. AK can stand something else but is this the best they could come up with?

Hopefully the owning Lucasflim will put this WAY on the back burner.


Now this is just what I was thinking - As I watched the interview with disney and lucas the disney guy mentioned some great new attrections coming soon.
I hope they do something big at HS like a whole star wars land:blush:


Another vote for wanting Avatarland to go away. I am bummed to see that Camp Minnie Mickey will close. IT is one of the best places to meet characters in all of the parks. And to not be able to see Festival of the Lion King for whatever length of time until it reopens in another area (have a bad feeling the Nemo show will close in place of this if it does happen)


From what I have heard the ride system is “similar” to Soarin with new enhancements. I will reserve judgement until there is more info. It is not taking away anything I care about so no loss either way.