More Beach Club questions


Now that I have officially booked the resort (garden view) for our stay in July can someone tell me where is the best location for my room request. It seems the pool is in the middle of YC/BC and the walkway to Epcot is to the right of BC which makes it confusing on where to request. Im not sure where we would like to be so any thoughts or input would be very helpful.

How much do the noodles, rafts, etc. cost to use for the afternoon? I was surprised to see there was any cost at all.

Thank you:)


Beach Club Villas or Resort?


We stayed overlooking the quiet pool and I have to admit it was a FANTASTIC location!!! The pool was nice for those quick dips, it was a hop, skip and a jump from SAB and a 5 minute walk to Epcot. Here is a tip…You can do laundry by the quiet pool while having a lazy splash!! LOL… I always said if I stayed there again, tht would be the area I requested, it was close to everything and the view was just fantastic!!!


I think the noodles are $5 and it’s yours to keep. The tubes are rented by the hour or day, I think the day is $10. You can take your own inner tube but it has to be clear. We usually pack our own noodle and a noodle hammock and it’s so much better than the rental tubes. The rental tubes are huge and you are lifted up mostly out of the water.


we booked a garden view resort room