More CRT stuff!


So I talked to a CM today about the ADR & CRT changes, to find out some interesting things.
1-You need your reservation # to book ADR’s for your whole trip if you are calling 180 days from your first day you will be there. Also, can only book 10 days past the 180 days, so really 190 days if you have a res #. BUT, last I checked the Best Rate plan for AP’s only goes through 4/13. So do you make a res., then do a best rate res., cancel your old one, but save your dining res.?? She couldn’t answer that.
2-Beginning 2/1/6, the DDE card will no longer be good at CRT!!!, So not only are they jacking up the prices, but you can’t save the 20% anymore, either!!!


What if you are staying off site? I know I made PS once while staying off site. Is that not allowed? Just curious as I hope to always be on site anyway.


That really stinks! I’m glad we’ve done CRT a few times because I’m not sure it’s worth the price change.


I think I read PS for non-resort guests still is at 90 days (or maybe it was already less). In any case, the new expanded bookings do not cover off-site guests.


The 180 days out is for all guests. You do not have to be staying onsite to book an ADR. You do have to be an onsite guest, though, to be able to book 10 days worth of dining, at the 180 day mark. Now, if you cancel your WDW resort reservation, and you have dining attached to it, the dining will also cancel.



Wow, that is confusing! Who comes up with this stuff? What if you are a local? Where do your dining reservations fall then?


Anyone at all can make their dining arrangements 180 days out.

Disney does love to keep us guessing, that is for sure. As with all things, we will adjust, right?



sounds like they hired someone from the IRS Tax department to come up with all the exceptions…


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

It sure does, doesn’t it?


Sounds like a bummer for all the FL residents out there.