More excited than your kids?


We have 4 days to go and while my kids are excited, I find that I am way more excited. Does this happen to any of you!! :blink:


Yep, I am always more excited than my son.


ALL the TIME! My DH makes fun of me!!! :whistling


Absolutely! My DS (11) keeps moaning, “Do we have to go there again?” I just laugh and say we’ll find someone for you to stay with until we get back and he suddenly becomes quiet. LOL


I had to laugh just from READING THE TITLE of this thread!!! ROFLOL! This is so me! The kids laugh at me, my DH laughs at me. Right now, I don;t even have a trip planned, and I am ALREADY excited about my next visit!


Oh definately, but I think this time DH might be equally excited, and DS is very excited this trip. This was the first trip that everyone helped plan which made it more fun.


I’m with you all. Always the most excited of my bunch.


I’m am always more excited than everybody.


If I had kids I’d be more excited than them. Does that count?


That is me all over. I can’t sleep the night before the flight and I have to be at the airport really early so we don’t miss the flights!!!


I get all too excited also. My DS & DD think I’m nuts and funny.


I ditto that. No kids yet, but will always be the most excited. :mickey:


Up until the day we arrive … We arrive home from one trip and I start planning the next, and I mean down to every last detail. Then I re-visit every couple of weeks. We drive to WDW from Maryland and I love the trip down and cannot wait to arrive at SSRS - our Home Away from Home. The kids don’t get into it until we see the exit for Downtown Disney.


The kids get real excited…just not quite as giddy as I get!


I am absolutely the most excited one in the family. They all look at me like I’m out of my mind when I’m planning like a madwoman. I get virtually no feedback from them when I ask for suggestions.

But…when we get there and everything runs smoothly, they are grateful. They never cease to thank me for planning a nice vacation. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


Yes, absolutely, but my kids didn’t know what was happening to them until we got to the resort. But still, they were not as excited as I thought they would be… Oh well, I had a great time being excited!!! :tongue:


Definitely. I am the Disney nut in our house!!


I am always moe excited than my DD about our WDW trips. Always have been. She gets excited sure, but you don’t see her charting out plans and packing 300 times…lol


I always get more excited then anyone else going. But that’s ok.


I dont have any kids but does a DBF count?

We rival for excitement. I am usually pumped once we hit the 90 day mark and it dosn’t die down until we are on the way home from wdw… He’ll usually be clam until the say before we leave for our trip and then all I’ll hear about it what we are going to do, where we are going to do it, and how much fun we are going to have…i love it…