More Fantasyland Passholder dates announced


Cut and pasted from the site:

Dear Passholders:

We are excited to share that we have added 11 new dates for New Fantasyland Previews for Passholders due to your interest in these opportunities. The additional dates are November 6-9 and 12-18, 2012 with multiple time slots throughout each day. Please click here to view the specific time slots.

We are finalizing the sign up process and will provide more details soon. If you already registered and have your email confirmation, you do not need to take any further action.


Not a passholder but wow, all of the previews and dress rehearsals are so darn exciting, I could spit which I won’t :happy:


I’ll be down at WDW that time. If they are having the sneak peak for Passholders (which I’m not) does that mean it’s closed to the general public?

That would stink because that’s the entire time I’m there! I really want to see this and experience it.


My guess is that once the CM/Passholder/DVC sneak previews begin, they’re not going to be having dress rehearsals for the general public.


…my feeling as well…otherwise, what would be the benefit of having passholders previews…


Well…that stinks :angry:

I was really hoping to see it. Ugh…changing plans again.

Thanks for the info.


I was there on Nov. 5th and saw all of the new Fantasyland (except for the ongoing construction area) with no problem. I ate at the Be Our Guest res. and took pics and rode the Areial attraction and took pics. The Gaston res. was open and I went in and took pics. I don’t have an annual pass any more but they were letting anyone in. Can’t wait to see it completed.