More GF Expansion Info Released


It’s not too different than what was released before, but it shows that Disney is planning to continue on with the project.

Grand Floridian expansion moves forward with more details revealed | The Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia

The purpose of the new building (DVC?) has still not been released.


Hmm - interesting. Hopefully it’s going to be a DVC property!


That’s it. I don’t think that I have any interest in the location though. It would have to be another tower to have MK views, and I’m thinking it will be pretty pricey both purchase and points wise.


We asked around when we were down there a couple weeks ago. Everyone we talked with, including DVC salespeople, said the same thing. They hadn’t been told, but they all thought it looked like a DVC expansion. One cast member said to look at the Google Earth picture and that it certainly appeared to be a DVC layout. Disney knows the silence leads to hype and hype leads to coveting and coveting leads to sales.


Everyone seems to be assuming it’s DVC, even though it hasn’t been released. It does sound like DVC with the separate check-in desk and pool, I believe. The Disney brides were all in a tizzy over the construction - “How could they be doing this to us???”

I wish they would wait a few more years so I would have the money to purchase! :laugh:


We passed by on the monorail Tuesday night and there is definitely construction going on at the south end of the GF’s property.
I can’t see it being anything other than DVC.


My source tells me it is DVC.


Yes, the new property has been announced as DVC.


I’m not one to say “I told you so” …

but it’s out there.


:laugh: I would love to credit you, but I think everyone was thinking DVC.


True this, LMM, But I was the first to confirm.

C’mon, I’m 52 years old and my beard is coming in gray -

Give me this one. IT’S CHRISTMAS for gawd’s sake


Alrighty - Boss Mouse for the win!!!