More Layoffs at WDW


More layoffs this week. :sad: Disney World layoffs: Hundreds lose jobs at Disney World –


Wow. That sounds serious. :crying:


It sounds as if theya re trying to be as thoughtful about it as possible, though.


sign of the times i guess .


eek, I hate hearing this stuff. It’s just such a lose-lose situation. Phenomenal people lose their jobs & the guest experience is ultimately effected by it. I wish there were more creative & effective ways for the company to save money. Actually I am sure there are but this is probably their ‘easy’ way out. Frustrating.


The buyouts they offered must have been pretty unattractive. Only 50 of 600 offers accepted? That’s the lowest I’ve ever heard of.


Disney parks profits fell by 24% to “only” $382 million for the quarter (Feb. 9th article). Remember, profits are what they get AFTER they pay all their bills, including the salaries of all those they just laid off.

As usual, big layoffs to keep profits up, not to save the company.


I’m not really surprised by so few people taking the buyout offer. With the economy so depressed, everyone with an IRA or one of the 401 plans has taken a massive hit. People feel it’s better to keep working and waiting to see when the economy will rebound. Who knows how long it will take for retirement plans to bounce back.


You probably right. And if you’re an exec who’s not ready to retire, finding another job might be tough.

I wish my employer (state of LA) would offer me a buyout! lol


It is unfortunate news. I guess less people are making leisure trips to the resorts and parks.

“We think these changes are essential to maintaining our leadership position in family tourism, and they reflect today’s economic realities,” Disney spokesman Mike Griffin said Thursday.

I wonder whether these layoffs are necessary for the park to survive, or if they are more preventative measures.


WE heard from quite a few cms that were very saddened and disgruntled with the layoffs. The parks are very very busy, and they are having a hard time coming to terms with the layoffs.


We’ve been down twice in the past six months, and while there might have been a couple of days in January (Mon. or Tues.) that were light on crowds, the other days were pretty crowded and the weekends were as busy as I’ve ever seen it.
Disney service (particularly in the gift shops and many counter service stops and snack stands) is always very leisurely - never extremely quick service, but WDW is the kind of place that depends on good word of mouth referrals. If service starts to decline, they will have to work VERY hard to get the good will back.


I saw today that 1100+ were going to be laid off at Disney . . . terrible!

My Mom’s friend works in management at WDW and she said 3 of her co-workers were laid off and she was given their jobs to do . . . with a only .5¢/hour raise. :glare:

It’s just terrible out there . . . and of course Disney is going to be effected by it too. I see the headlines on USA Today says “Jobless rate reaches 8.5%” that is just so scary!!!

I noticed in March when I was in the stores, there was NO ONE working the floor, it was only the CMs behind the register.


That is the problem with a publicly held company… wall street is all about profit or potential growth in the future…they dislike a company that is true to their employees in good times and bad…to heck witha 5-10 year plan …it all about the quarter…maybe that is why disney went up yesterady almost 8% …if wall street had its way all costs would disappear to lift the bottom line irregardless of impact several years down the road…oh well I am almost down to one week and counting