More Mania?


There is a rumor flying around that Toy Story Mania may have new games during the Summer. Is there any truth to that?


I have not heard about that but I hope they do! It would be fun to have different games next time I go :laugh:


When Disney created Toy Story Midway Mania for DCA they made the technology used in the attraction able to have all of its games update and changed, Disney even has a line of themed Christmas and Halloween games and phrases for Mr. Potato Head to say, though those most likely wont be released until a few years down the road once Disney see’s how the new games this summer play out. So yes, Disney has plans to release new games this summer into the Toy Story Midway Mania Attraction.


SWEET!!! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to play them. Thanks for the info Tim.


Cool, we’d love to try new games. On the Wii version there are several that are different from the parks and a lot of fun. Can’t wait to try them.