More Not-TR: Height Requirements


So I add another bit to what’s never going to be a real TR. :biggrin:

Her Majesty (DS3 at the time, now DS4), was about 39.5 inches without her shoes on when we went to DL in June, so I was hoping that, with shoes (perfectly normal sneakers) she would make the 40" height requirement for Splash Mountain, which had been her goal for the year.

I even taught her how to get measured, and we practiced: stand with your heels to the back of the bar, keep your heels down, now stretch up and press your head into the top of the bar.

I had heard all sorts of stories about the height requirement bars being inconsistent, about CMs who made kids take off their shoes to get measured, about CMS actually pushing down in kids’ shoulders so they didn’t make the requirement, about the bars being at least an inch higher than they say they are.

With that in mind, I also told her repeatedly that we were just going to TRY with the measurement, that we couldn’t be sure and she might not make it and Her Majesty fully understood that would be okay and that there were so many other fun things she could do.

So here’s the thing- there was never a problem. It actually got to be funny “watch your fingers!” to the CMs who put their fingers under the bar before the kid is measured, because Her Majesty knew her business- she could get in position and SLAM her head up to the top of the bar because she was going to PROVE that she was TALL!

That is… the CMs that bothered to measure her. And THAT was the weird thing of the trip. Yes, she made the height requirements, but she was just barely over… and there were SO MANY times when she just sailed onto different rides and no one ever bothered to check her. (One instance I did enjoy was the CM at Splash Mountain who gave her what I called a “hip check”- she put her hand at a place on her hip, checked Her Majesty against it, and said, “Yep, she’s good!”.)

But the lack of measuring seemed really strange.

(And also, all of those stories I’d read? I believe that either people can’t accurately measure their own children, or that they were trying to pull something to begin with. Because when Her Majesty was measured, she pretty much hit the bar in exactly the same way on every ride.)

Splash Mountain is now Her Majesty’s favorite ride. :happy: But she also really loved everything else. And in retrospect, I can’t believe I let a three-year-old go on Space Mountain (stop freaking out… it’s different from WDW- lower height requirement and very different ride vehicle!). She loved it.


I was blessed with a rather tallish three year old and took her on anything she was willing to ride and made the height requirement for…never cared if it was a “scary” ride or all much to my mother’s dismay who called me selfish because I was the one who wanted to ride them. I never forced her of course - heck she was 12 or so before she would even go on Tower of Terror because she thought it was a haunted house and didn’t do Haunted mansion until she was 15…lol


Yep! No one’s making Her Majesty do anything. After she said she liked something, I would always ask her if she wanted to do it again. Every time she would say “YES!”, so I knew she wasn’t just saying it to make anyone happy.

She’s decreed that she will be ready for Star Tours “when she’s six”. She doesn’t feel equipped to cope with Darth Vader, as much as she claims to love him. :laugh:


Remind her that Darth is not really there… And I am with her- when I was 6 he was sooooo scary. (coming from someone who wanted to be Princess Leia).


My little one still isn’t going to hit that 48" mark for this coming trip. She is DYING to ride Rock n Roller Coaster and Primeval Whirl. Every few days she asks if she will be tall enough and I have to tell her no again, not until next year. Hitting the height milestones is so exciting for them.


My parents did a good job when Rachel and I were little of not even letting us know that these big-thrill attractions even existed. :laugh: We spent all day in Fantasyland at MK, Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground at (then)MGM, and we could pretty much go everywhere in Epcot at the time… my poor parents! Really, I don’t even remember knowing that Splash Mountain existed before I was tall enough to ride. :laugh:


My little one is convinced he won’t be tall enough this year bc he won’t quite be BC and only 7 year olds and up are allowed to go on the big rides. Lol he is also terrified of the Yeti on EE. I made a deal with him that if he did it, I’d pose for a pic with Pluto…thats a big step for me lol


I’m glad she was able to ride and enjoyed it!!!

We visited DL during the week of my DS 5th birthday. Some days he was permitted to ride the Indiana Jones ride (HIS ABSOLUTE FAVORITE RIDE), and some days we were turned away. I can’t remember the exact height restrictions at that time (possibly 46"), but I remember he was just tall enough. If he didn’t stand right, he wouldn’t make it. Sometimes they would measure him before we got in line, and they say he was good, but then they would pull out the measuring stick again up at the boarding, and then he wouldn’t be tall enough. It was really frustrating!! He did ride multiple times, and loved every minute of it!! :slight_smile:


I’m glad she made it on the rides, and enjoyed them.