More pins for sale - complete sets


I have some more pins for sale. The following are either Cast member, mystery tins, hidden mickey or rare sets.

Rules for purchase:
First to pm me gets the pins
I will list the sets seperately and number them.
pm me with the number you want
Upon CLEARED payment from paypal, I will ship your pins
I will send you a pm confirmation the day they are mailed. they will be mailed no later than 2 business days after payment. I will rush deliver for extra.
Shipping is FREE on all sets, but insurance will cost extra if you opt for it.

Hope you all see some you like…let me know. I still also have 5 more sets of ten traders.

Quick word about mystery tins in case you didn’t know. You buy a box that contains two or three pins for about $12 each. You ahve no clue what is in the box when you purchse it. the set like the mickey through the years and the sets over 5 pins can take serious time and money to complete, so that is why I have them a bit higher. The mickey Vynalmation one took us an entire 8 day trip and over a $100 to complete.


Set one - (five available)

10 traders pins - random trader pins, no duplicates. All official disney traders.

Costs $25


Set two - Disney bus set
Cost $40
5 pins in the complete set
Set includes: Disney cruise line, Happiness Celebration on Earth, Where the party never ends bus, Magical Express bus and a reguar resort bus


Set #3
Cast Member Laynard Villan head pin set
Cost $40
4 pins in the set
Set includes: Malicifient (sp?), Jafar, Evil queen and Hades


Set #4
Mystery Tin +completer villan series
Cost $50
5 pins in set
Set includes: Jafar, Malicifient (sp?), Ursula, Cruella and chrunabong? Man I am totally spelling everything wrong…lol


Set #5 Nemo Hidden mickey set
Cost $65
7 pins in the complete set
Set features all the major characters in nemo in a fish bag. I can take a better picture upon request.


Set #6 Princess Mystery hidden mickey +completer
Cost $50
6 pins in complete set
Set includes: Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Aurora, snow white and Jasmine



Set #7 RARE Villian set
Cost $55
4 pins in the set
Set includes: Malicifient, Jafar, Hades and that other Dude who’s name I can’t spell.

This set gets lots of attention from the DTD traders. I haven’t seen another person with it down there yet.


Set #8 Mystery Vynalmation COMPLETE set. This is a mystery tin set of 10 pins. this was by far the hardest and most costly set for us to complete.
Cost $95
Ten pins in the set


I’ll keep these up till end of day tomorrow. I’ll close the thread when I go to ebay. I have more sets if anyone is interested in seeing them.


set 9 hidden mickey mystery cat set + completer
Price: $40


Set #10 Mystery Donald hidden mickey +completer
Price $45


Set #11 Hidden mickey villan set
price $50


Set #12 Rare set with hidden mickey…these are cast member set and there is one set with hidden mickey and another without. It took us three trips to complete this set.
Price $60


Set #13 Fast pass mystery set with hidden mickey + completer pin
Price $45


set #14 mickey through the years mystery set
Price $65


[QUOTE=Dana;944324]Set #13 Fast pass mystery set with hidden mickey + completer pin
Price $45[/QUOTE]

Which Fastpass set is this (I can’t tell:laugh:). My son has at least one set, I’ll have to check which one.


WOW, Dana…you sure have A LOT of pins! Why are you selling them all? It seems like you worked so hard to get them all!


Never mind, I just checked and I think Nate has it. It has Everest, Jungle Cruise, PP Flight, Star Tours, Soarin’ right? Once I looked at Nate’s set I knew what pins those were.


Dana must be in the same mood I am in. I’ve been cleaning closets getting rid of TONS of stuff last weekend and this weekend. I just cleaned another trash bag of clothes out of my closet. I also cleaned out the coat closet. It feels so good to get things cleaned out.