More than 1 discount?


I’m planning out my trip in March. (So far it’s March, online it came out cheaper than April.)

Can I use more than 1 discount or do I have to go by that discount rules, etc? I’m a Florida resident and wanted to use that and any other deal to my advantage if possible.

I’m such a newb at the booking part.

Oh and also, can I use a Disney Visa as part of any discount? Fil has one that he might be willing to part with if it makes the discounts really add up.

Any links would be great too, I just couldn’t find any great info.

Ok, enough newbie quesitons. :laugh:


You’ll have to do the math and see which discount is a better deal for you because you can only use one discount. You can book with one code and change to another one if a better deal comes out but you can only use one.


Sory, not to sure about anything with the visa, but I know unfortunately you cannot use two codes :frowning:


Discounts are almost always not combinable.


Bah! thought so, told dh so, he said to ask anyways. Men shakes head. When will he learn I’m always right?

Ok, so I really will wait to book then after X-Mas. Dh is going to be going for a new job in late Sept/early Oct (whenever they finally open) and it might affect out trip in March. Plus who knows what they’ll roll out early next yr?

Now I’m dealing with the possibility of it not being 4 days, but 2, and so forth. Add to that that I’m a ding bat and messed up my resort comparisons. :whistling
No idea what I’m going to do if dh can’t get off for the trip. The kids would be disappointed.

Ok, thanks guys!