More than double?


Ok- so if you stay at a value with the AP rate its about $80 a night. If you stay at a Moderate you are looking at about $150 a night so that is a little less than double. But if you want to stay at a Deluxe you are looking at $400 a night?:eek:
That is more than double!! I had thought about upgrading to the Poly from POR for the two nights we are going to be there before our DVC is avail. I figured I would trade a nice sitdown meal for the difference and eat low key- but that is just NUTS! It would be a rate change of $500 for the two nights. Is the Poly really worth that? I dont know…:frown:


We stayed at the Poly for 3 days two years ago, at a rate of $250/night.

It was a huge stretch for us, but we wanted to see if it was truly worth the extra money.

Yes, the rooms are bigger, and the convenience of the monorail is AWESOME however, I would not pay $400/night.

We spent the same $250/night at AKL, and to me, that was definitely worth it.


woohoo, try going a different route than the AP prices. Maybe a TA can get a special rate, or even AAA. That seems a little high for a discounted rate…


That is what I had said- it seems really high! I even asked again if that was the discounted rate. I was told that the AAA rate was 10% and the AP rate was 20% off. I am seeing if my friend that works for ESPN can hook me up- that is how we stayed at AKL the last trip. We paid $400 for the two nights.


LOL… those beds must be really soft! :laugh: I hope you get a great price!


Dh wants to ‘upgrade’ from POR using our Ap discount but I really dont think the extra money it would cost is worth it. We spend very little time in the actual room as we are always out somewhere and I am perfectly happy with POR.


We are normally commando park people but this trip is a low key hang out kind of trip so hanging in the pools at Poly would be so much fun! I just found out that my friend retired…:ohmy: Ill have to look at a different avenue… Im determined!


I don’t know…

Palm fronds.

Ginger flowers…

The whole south pacific tropical thing is overrated if you ask me… :laugh:

Seriously, that’s a significant price hike… :eek:


When were you planning on going? Allears posted regular prices and the standard Poly room is $399 for regular season and less than that for value. Only peak and holiday rooms are over $400 a night.


it could be that its Mothers day weekend- we are arriving on friday and checking out of there on sunday.
I have a friend looking into the cm discount for that time frame. We will see if they even can get it that weekend. If not then POR it is…


Weird…Mother’s Day falls in the regular category and is not on the list for holiday pricing Allears posted. So if you were getting a garden view room the regular price is $399.

Definitely investigate it further


yeah well another issue was that the person I was talking to was not very pleasant either…:glare: When I asked “and that is the AP discount?” I was told “well Port Orleans is definately NOT a Deluxe” that was the answer I got…


Heck no! I’d check out the “lower priced” moderates like AKL or WL before going nuts and spending all that money…it’d cost you less to stay two nights at POR than for one night at Poly…soooo not worth it for the amount of time you actually spend in your room anyway.


But I cant- Poly has rooms that accomodate 6 and we need that or we get stuck in two rooms. Then the costs really soar!:ohmy: Its either Poly or POR - those are our only options for one room at this point


If it were me, I’d stay with the POR and use your extra money for something totally fun! That’s 17 dollars an hour your spending on that room!
And it might be kind of hard because you’re staying there at the begining of your trip right? I think it would totally blow to have to go to the Poly to any other resort on property! I wouldn’t want to leave!:laugh:
But that’s just me.
Save the Poly for a super romantic Ed trip during the value season when it’s nice and reasonable!


Oh I agree with Bella…save it for a just the two of you trip!:wub: And, it would be really difficult for me to go from the Poly to another resort. If it were the other way around, it would be a different story.


Yeah but after those two days Im going “home” he he he- I wont mind checking out since its our first time EVER at our new “home” at ssr:wub:
If I get a good discount on it then it wont be so bad- I would gladly give up one nice dinner for 6 to stay at a deluxe that Ill never get to do again. It would be a major treat- This is the last time I could do it this way too because next trip Drakey will be 3 and too old for the pack and play…ITS NOW OR NEVER BABY!:laugh:


Did you try AAA online? I got a rate of $359, but it says it only holds 5 people (and maybe an infant).


was that per night or for the two nights? It holds 5 plus a pack and play- that is what I would need


There is an AP discount code for that time (FJG). Did you check it with the AP discount code?